On Torn Wings (Dark War Chronicles Book 3)

By: A.L. Kessler
Dark War Chronicles #3


Thanks to everyone who made this book possible. Beth, honey, your help was fantastic, without you this book wouldn’t have been ready in time. Thank you to Jennifer for doing edits. To my beta readers and my street team, you guys rock my socks off. Thanks to all my readers, for you are what makes this all worth it.

Chapter One

Orion rolled over as his phone rang. The ear splitting noise made him want to throw the thing out the window, but it wasn't the poor electronics fault he'd had a long night. No, he blamed Lucius and the demons that had dragged Tegan off. The number scrolling across the screen didn’t register at first, but then he realized it was the Hunter's. Dani...two months ago she’d asked for his help, since then she hadn't contacted him. Why now?

"What?" He snapped into the receiver.

"Sounds like someone had a long night." Her voice was chiding and he closed his eyes, trying to recall Danielle’s blond hair and big blue eyes, but instead conjuring an image of Tegan.

He muttered a curse under his breath at the thought of her still missing. "I was out until dawn trying to track down Tegan."

"Ah yes, the goose chase that Lucius has you on." She clicked her tongue, but then the teasing tone left. "We found a kill from last night. I'd like you to come down and take a look so you know what we're dealing with."

Orion sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Two months, Danielle." His gaze traveled over the white room that held only a bookshelf, dresser and a bed felt like home to him. With all his stuff neatly put away there was no clutter to distract him from sleep. Clean room, clear mind.It was one of the mantras that ket him sane.

"Yeah, well, shit's been busy on the Hunter side of things, and if you don't want us busting into Lucius' manor or questioning his people then I need you to get your ass downtown to Acacia Park."

Orion wrinkled his nose as he thought about the park. During the day it was filled with children, and most nights the homeless used the fountain to bathe. It wasn't his ideal place, and it wouldn't be the first place he'd dump a body. "Okay, I can be there in about fifteen minutes. I'm close, but I need coffee."

"Pick me up a latte?" Her voice was pleading; the Hunter had probably been out all night too.

He laughed. "Sure thing." Closing his phone, he leaned against the wall behind his bed and sighed. More than the need for caffeine drove his frequent trips to the coffee shop; the place had been Tegan's last stop before she turned in for the day. A routine she had kept for years. Part of him hoped she'd just randomly appear there. Shaking his head from his foolishness he untangled himself from the sheets. Orion showered, dressed, and left.

Traffic was light and the line short at the coffee place. He ordered two coffees before returning to his car. He slowly drove around the building by the cafe tables, studying the people sitting there. Only one man stood out to him-dirty blonde hair, sharp eyes. The man might have been drinking coffee, but he was aware of everything going on around him. There was something familiar about the man, but Orion couldn’t put his finger on it. Pulling out into traffic, Orion sighed. "Tegan, where are you?"

Of course, no one really knew. Lucius was convinced she was in the Demon realm and his temper became worse every night. No one liked him when he was on edge. Hell, if anyone liked him otherwise it was questionable. Times like this he wondered why he had joined the vampire. "’Cause I'm fucking nuts, he saved my life, and I fell for his human."

He tried not to dwell on it as he pulled up to the park downtown. The emergency vehicles weren't hard to miss, but it was the big black panel van with the strange 'H' design on the side of it that he couldn't take his eyes off of. The Hunters were starting to become more prominent in human society and it made him wonder how much progress Lucius had made in replacing politicians with friendly supernaturals. The human government had always fought against the Hunters, but now it seemed they were embracing them. Or maybe he just needed to get out more often.

He parked and approached the scene, stopping at the crime tape. He raised a brow when an officer approached him, daring her to challenge why he was here. His gaze scanning the crowd, he searched for the tall Hunter that would get him in. He spotted her weaving her way through the uniforms. She was dressed head to toe in black, with an armband bearing the same 'H' that was on the van. He knew because of tradition she also had one tattooed on her shoulder. She flashed the officer a badge before the woman had a chance to say anything.

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