Ouachita Mated

By: P. Jameson

Magic, leader of the Ouachita clan of big cats, has had his fair share of missteps when it comes to females. One that ultimately cost him his mate, leaving him wounded inside and unable to heal. Now he’s determined to keep his clan from making the same mistakes. No mating is the rule they agreed on, but one-by-one they want to break it. None of them know the risks like he does, and he won’t watch his clan go down that road without a fight.

Fun loving city girl and longtime friend of the clan, Josie, is always down for a good time. She can’t understand a man as hard and buttoned up as Magic, and she’s determined to find a way to help him live up to his name. When she comes to the lodge to help her best girlfriend work through some private problems, she finds herself wanting more from the big, snarly cat who never takes her seriously. But a secret ten years in the making throws Josie into a world of harsh realities, where she is somehow mated to the one panther shifter hell-bent on staying single.

Torn by the past and an undeniable connection to a female he doesn’t want to lose, this is Magic’s last chance to get it right. But can he let go of history long enough to see how wonderful the future for the Ouachitas could be?


The music blared as Magic lounged on the cheap as shit pleather couch set back in the darkest corner of Cleaver’s bar. The establishment, was for shifters only, ran by shifters. The only exception was approved pussy. Cleaver kept the place stocked with not only the finest whiskey, but the finest females as well. Mostly for his unmated guests to relieve their urges. Probably assumed it would cut down on the brawling.

Heh. Not so.

Magic smirked as a burly bear shifter punched it out with a mountain lion. They crashed through a table, busting it into a million pieces. He wondered how long it’d take before one of them shifted.

A delicate, needy hand snaked across his thigh until it found his cock. He grinned at the busty blond, brushing his hair from his eyes so he could see her better.

She was a looker. Eyes big and blue. Full, pouty lips painted fuck-me red. A black, lacy top that could barely contain her tits. And hips he could grip hard as he pounded himself inside her.

For a mated cat like him, she was fair game. He wouldn’t break any bonds by taking her. As a male of his species he could bed as many females as he wanted. Mated or not, he could have a whole harem. And many of his friends did just that. A different female every night. Sometimes two or three at a time.

He stared at the blond groping his junk, and licked his lips. Yeah, she was a fine, fine piece of ass…

But she wasn’t better than his Mandi.

He was distracted by nearby moaning, and turned to glare. Fucking Owyn. His friend was barely out of puberty and horny as hell twenty-four seven. Right now, he was knuckles deep in a female who was the type who didn’t require privacy for that sort of thing.

“Take her to a room,” Magic growled. “Cleaver will have your head if he catches you like that.”

Owyn let out a hiss, his panther close to the surface. He brought his hand to his mouth and sucked his middle finger, eyes glowing with his animal. Suddenly, he grabbed the female by the wrist, yanking her up from the couch and marching her toward the private rooms.

“We should get a room of our own,” the blond murmured, low and sultry. Her voice was like sex for his ears.

Magic grunted a non-committal response.

He should take her up on the offer. It was his right to have others. It was the way of things for the mountain cats. Their animals didn’t require monogamy like other shifters did.

He’d had it out with Mandi before he’d taken off. Part of him wanted to fuck this female to get it out of the way. He was going to do it sooner or later, and until he did, Mandi was always going to be on his case about it.

Suspicion. It was a poisonous thing.

She wanted him to defy odds and be only hers. One female for a male cat? It was absurd. Thing was, his heart was hers alone. He didn’t want another female. If she’d just leave well enough alone, they could be happy for a while. They could have many fine years before he was tempted to stray. And even when he did, she’d always be his mate. The one he’d return to. The one he’d put his babies in. The one who meant something.

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