Owned by the Badman (Russian Bratva #1)(3)

By: Hayley Faiman

One Week Before The Wedding

I INHALED THE SMOKE before letting it out into the face of a man who would not live to see another day. I need to be done with this man. I have something more important on my mind these days. Haleigh. She will be mine soon.

So very soon.

The suspense of seeing her pretty face waiting for me has me curious. Confusion and possibly hesitation will surely be displayed in her eyes, but she will perform beautifully for the people around us—for me. It is how she was raised. To perform.

I can’t wait to strip her down, see how she looks when she isn’t poised to perfection.

“Please, don’t kill me,” the man whimpers in front of me, breaking me of my salacious thoughts.

“How can you live? What will you do to survive this?” I ask.

“Anything, anything you want,” he pleads. I smell the familiar scent of urine fill the tiny space.

It always happens. Every. Single. Time. Such hard-asses until they are threatened, then they piss their pants like babies.


“You have nothing I want,” I shrug.

“Maxim…” Dimitri warns. He knows I am on a time crunch and this is just wasting precious minutes.

“Yes, Dimitri, I know,” I agree before I remove my gun from my shoulder holster and pull the trigger, aiming at the man’s forehead.

“Why do you play with them?” Dimitri asks as he motions for the men hanging around the edges of the room to clean the mess up.

“Why not?” I ask with a grin.

“You’re a sick fuck,” he chuckles.

I nod in agreement.

I am.

I am very sick.

He knows exactly how fucking sick I truly am.

“Take me to her,” I order.

I do not need to explain who exactly I wish to see. He knows. He also knows who I go to see after I do this. It is a routine now.

The building is the same. Artistic and tall—pretty, if you are into modern décor. I could give a shit less what it looks like from the outside. Inside is what matters. She is in there. I nod at the man taking tickets. I know him. Tickets are not something I need. I have a season box seat. I slowly walk toward my box. There are men and women in various states of dress. Some are dressed to perfection, ball gowns and tuxedos, then there are those in simple semi-formal attire. I am in a three-piece suit—as always.

“She has not made an appearance yet,” Pasha states as I sit down across from him. I nod once to show that I have heard him.

The lights dim and the stage brightens as the orchestra begins to play. This will be her last time on stage. She doesn’t know it yet, but she will never grace a stage again. I should feel guilty for taking this away from her, but I don’t.

Guilt isn’t something I understand. I have never felt the emotion a day in my life.

My breath hitches when she leaps onto the stage from the side of the curtain. My breath catches every single time my eyes land on her. She is beautiful, like a doll, untouchable and untouched. She smiles brightly at the audience and my dick twitches. My body wants her more than it has ever wanted another woman. It makes me curious.


Why her?

I shake off the feeling and stand to leave.

“You have only watched a few moments,” Sonia says, wrapping her hand around my forearm.

“I have seen enough. I will see you next weekend,” I offer. She smiles warmly in return.

“She will take your breath away. I already know this,” Sonia grins. I shake my head.

“She already does,” I offer before I turn and leave.

I don’t wait another second. Sonia will try and pry more from me and I do not have any more to give. Haleigh takes my breath away, but I don’t understand it, and I do not understand why.

“You’re next stop?” Dimitri asks as I slide into the backseat of the car.

“You know where,” I grunt. I watch as his jaw clenches before he drives.

Dimitri gives me a disapproving look. I counter back with a challenging look of my own. I know he will speak his mind, he always does—eventually.

However, he stays quiet as we arrive at our destination, and keep quiet when I leave to take care of my business. Once I am back in the car, Dimitri has lost the ability to keep his mouth shut.

“You do this, Maxim, so close to the time when you will marry the ballerina?” he asks.