Palm South University_ Season 2, Episode 1(3)

By: Kandi Steiner

I’m looking for a really long, really hard, really incredible fuck.

And I know just who I want to get it from.

“Excuse me,” I say softly, grabbing both of Lacy’s wrists in my hands to peel them off me. She pouts as I let them drop into her lap and make my way across the living room where only a few Zetas are left lazily dancing. The girl from earlier is leaning against our pool table, talking to one of our new pledges. He’s a cool guy, but judging by the look on her face, she’s two seconds away from yawning or completely falling asleep.

As if on cue, she covers a yawn with her hand, still nodding along with his words to make it seem like it couldn’t possibly be him who evoked that reaction.

“Hey, Caleb,” I interrupt, clapping him on the back. “Having fun at your first O Chi party?”

He’s clearly about as sober as I am, because a shit-eating grin spreads on his face. “Bro, this is the best night of my life.”

I chuckle. Caleb is a freshman, and after that comment, I’m a little scared for his pledging process. He has no idea what he’s in for.

“Glad to hear it. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pull the birthday card and steal this beautiful girl away from you.” My eyes cut to the girl with the purple hair and she fights back a smile.

Caleb’s face falls. “Wait.” I cock one brow, letting him know he really shouldn’t argue, and his shoulders deflate a little. “Yeah… yeah, okay. Happy birthday, Bear.” He offers a reluctant smile before taking a long drink from his cup, leaving me alone with the girl I can’t wait to get back to my room.

“Kind of presumptuous, don’t you think?” She asks, but her eyes are already undressing me.



I shrug. “On whether you let me take you back to my room or not.”

She stares at the hand I’m now holding out toward her, seemingly debating her options. She could easily walk away, find one of her girlfriends and leave the party without so much as another word. But the way she’s chewing her lip tells me that’s not exactly the plan she has in mind.

“I’m only going back with you on one condition.”

I wait, hand still outstretched as she narrows her eyes.

“I want two orgasms tonight. And not the kind I fake, the kind I can’t hold back with. The kind that make my legs sore in the morning.”

My teeth find my bottom lip, fighting back a smile. Who the hell is this girl and where has she been hiding?

“I’ll give you three.”

The left side of her mouth lifts just slightly as she looks confidently up at me through her lashes. Then, she slides her small hand into mine.

Tugging her through the remaining crowd, I lift her as soon as we reach the hallway. Her back is pressed against the wall right next to our founding brothers’ class photo, her legs wrapped around my waist. I suck the skin on her neck between my teeth and she hisses.

“What’s your name?”

“Shawna,” she answers, panting.

“I’m Bear.”

“Nice to meet you.”


Gripping her ass in my hands, I shove us through my room and kick the door closed behind us. Shawna is already stripping her shirt off as I drop her feet to the floor at the end of my bed. I follow suit, tugging my jeans and boxers down in one fluid movement and kicking them to the side. Shawna is impatiently naked and pulling at my shirt. She lifts it over my head and I take it the rest of the way, tossing it to the side.

Then she’s staring at me.

More specifically, at my cock.

“Holy shit,” she breathes. She reaches out, trailing her fingertips down the middle of my abdomen, all the while still staring at my dick. When she reaches my waist line, she pulls her fingers to her mouth, her eyes flicking back to mine.

I smirk.

The only light in my room is streaming through the window from a street light, but it bathes Shawna in a soft blue light, hitting every curve. Dropping to my knees, I run my rough hand over the smooth skin of her neck, her breasts, her flat stomach.


Are those nipple piercings?

Oh, fuck.

Definitely going to have to play with those later.

“Round one,” I growl against the sensitive skin of her clit, one side of my mouth quirked in a cocky smile. She smiles back, but her face falls into a soft O when I close the distance.

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