Palm South University_ Season 2, Episode 1(4)

By: Kandi Steiner

She’s moaning, bucking her hips forward with each flick of my tongue. I groan, too, because she tastes so fucking sweet. Sliding two fingers inside her, we both exhale together, her at the way my touch feels and me at how wet she is.

Snaking my free hand up her stomach, I palm her breast, massaging it in time with her rolling hips. Shawna cries out, fisting her hands in my barely-there hair and pulling me closer. When I suck her clit between my teeth, I pinch her piercing at the same time and roll it between my fingers.

She gasps.


Holds her breath.

And then she comes.

I’m pretty sure she’s waking up every single brother in my house right now but I don’t give a single fuck. She’s completely unfiltered, moaning my name like it’s the last word she’ll ever say. When she steadies out, her legs still shaking, I stand and put my mouth hard on hers. She tastes herself eagerly, panting as I slip my tongue between her lips.

Her hands wrap around my neck and she lies back on the bed, wriggling her way up to the pillows and tugging me with her. The purple ends of her dark hair are highlighted in the dim light of my room, sprawled out on my pillows, framing her bright eyes and swollen lips.

I spread her legs with my own, hitching one up at my waist as I position myself at her entrance. Her eyes are wide, and I have to steady my breathing and remind myself to go slow. Judging by her reaction earlier, I’m not exactly the size she’s used to dealing with.

Kissing her lips, I bite the lower one before moving down her neck to her collarbone. Then, slowly, steadily, I flex my hips and bury my cock inside her.

And she is so. Fucking. Tight.

“Oh God,” she cries, digging her nails into my back. With any other girl, I’d pull out my usual line — Nope, just me, babe. But with Shawna, I have no words. I literally can’t say a fucking thing because I’m focusing too hard on not busting after being inside her for less than thirty seconds.

But I hold out, adjusting my rhythm to please her without granting myself the same gratification — not just yet. And then, I give her round two.

And three.

And just for the hell of it, four.

“I’M JUST SAYING, YOU’RE NOT LIVING if you’ve never tried a finger in the ass before,” Jess says with a shrug, not the least bit ashamed, just as I reach the small table in the middle of our campus coffee shop.

I blink, dropping my bag into the only open chair. “Well, conversation at Joe’s has certainly progressed.”

Jess smirks, waggling her eyebrows at Ashlei who just shakes her head. I try to fight back my own smile, but give up when Jess starts fingering her donut.

“Gross, J-Love!” Erin tosses her napkin and it hits Jess square in the nose, but she just laughs and keeps violating her pastry.

Cup O’ Joe’s is a small coffee house, dimly lit and walls peppered with local student art. The open roof and piping paired with the wood and rustic furniture give it a modern, hip vibe. It’s one of my favorite places on campus to study, and I talked the girls into meeting for coffee this morning before my second class. Spring semester has already kicked off and we had yet to all be together outside of sisterhood functions, so I wanted us to make time to catch up.

Jess demonstrating anal on a glazed donut wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

“I think I’m with Jess on this one,” Skyler chimes in. “I mean, I’m not saying it needs to get crazy. Just a little boop, you know what I mean?” Skyler and Bo crack up laughing while Erin covers her face with her hands. Ashlei smiles, but it doesn’t quite reach her soft brown eyes. She seems off.

“I’m grabbing coffee. Anyone need a refill?”

They all shake their heads, holding up full cups. Retrieving my wallet from my Vera Bradley messenger bag, I take my place in line, scanning the menu.

It feels kind of strange being back at Palm South, especially after how my first semester ended. I shift at the thought of Clay and Paris, but shake it off quickly. Winter Break was my time to regroup. I opened up to my older sister about what happened – everything from losing my best friend to losing my v-card to a complete douchebag. Surprisingly, she had some pretty great advice. The best piece being that, at least for freshman year, I should just avoid boys in general and focus on myself.

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