Palm South University_ Season 2, Episode 5(2)

By: Kandi Steiner

Smirking, I grab a fresh pack of pong balls out of my dresser and break it open, tossing one up in the air. “Fine. I guess I don’t need to take it easy on you, then.”

He grins back just as cockily and I wonder how much of myself I’ve rubbed off on him over the years.

We play three back-to-back games before Clayton realizes his beer isn’t doing what it should be. Skyler and I are playing on a team and I paired him with a hot little Zeta, but she’s probably doing more to distract him than help him. Her name is Jazmine, though everyone around campus calls her Jazzy, and she keeps running her long manicured nails through Clayton’s tight curls and touching his arm over the table. If his skin wasn’t so dark, I’d swear he was blushing.

I finally concede and let him drink a little Bud Light, but not in beer pong, because after a few games he’d probably be shitfaced. The last thing our fraternity needs is to get caught with a drunk minor at our house. Frowning, I realize I haven’t been able to talk to Skyler much about how her sisters are handling everything with the Spring Break debacle, so I leave Clayton where he’s set up on a bean bag playing video games with Josh and go search for her.

It’s a Thursday night and everyone is still recovering from Spring Break, so the house is surprisingly dead. Well, for our house, anyway. I can hear Clayton’s laughs over the video game sound effects as I round the corner into our kitchen and lean against the counter next to Skyler.

“Tequila?” I ask, eyes on the shot glass pinched between her fingers.

She nods, her blue eyes dull and tired. “It’s been that kind of week.”

“The blogs?”

She throws the liquid down her throat, eyes squinting against the burn as she reaches for a lime slice. “Partly. I mean, I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled to be gaining the reputation as a heartbreaker, but it’s not the biggest thing on my plate right now.”

“The website?”

She nods, quiet as she refills her shot glass. I push off the counter long enough to retrieve one for me and slide it up next to hers to fill, too. “We kicked him out, you know? Alex.” I blow out a long breath through my nose, my hands gripping the edge of the counter as I think about the website he made from Spring Break detailing all his conquests and a few of our other brothers’. I knew I didn’t like that cocky son of a bitch, but I didn’t know he was a fucking idiot. He’s lucky Florida doesn’t have laws against “revenge porn” yet, though our alumni brothers made sure to warn us that those laws are well on their way to being passed. Even though it was only one brother’s idea, several were involved, and it reflected on our entire chapter as a whole. So, naturally, Alec already called a meeting with nationals, and now, we await our fate. “Thank God he hadn’t been sworn in as a brother yet. He doesn’t deserve our letters.”

“That’s the fucking truth.” She clinks her glass to mine and we toss them back, hissing through our teeth as we slam them back on the counter. “It was fucked up what he did, but I think our sisters are a little more shocked by Bo and Ashlei. No one knew. I mean, Jess suspected but . . .” She shrugs. “We’ve never had this situation before, you know? At least not openly. They’re our sisters, but they’re dating each other. Let’s just say some are handling it better than others. And Jess has already almost fought the half of our chapter stupid enough to be vocal about their disapproval.”

“Shit, I didn’t even think about that.”

“Erin is going crazy trying to figure out what to do. Everyone on the executive board is.”

I feel a pang of guilt chase the tequila at the mention of Erin’s name, remembering how I lashed out on her on Spring Break. I haven’t talked to her since. “It’s not like they can kick them out, right? They didn’t do anything wrong. They couldn’t have known he had a camera set up in that room.”

“No, they didn’t do anything wrong, but some of the girls on exec don’t think it’s okay for them to date. It’s a big ordeal.” She sighs. “I don’t know. I just hope it doesn’t tear any of us apart.”

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