Palm South University_ Season 2, Episode 5(3)

By: Kandi Steiner

“It won’t,” I assure her, wrapping her in my arms. She inhales a deep, shaky breath as I rest my chin on her head. “I know my KKB girls, and the bond you guys have is too strong to be broken by something like this.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I am.” I kiss her forehead before we make our way back to the living room, joining Clayton and the rest of my brothers around the television. For the rest of the night, my brothers tell Clayton stories about me and give him tips on how to score girls, like they have any credibility in that area. It’s all laughter and good vibes, and in so many ways it feels like a piece of me that I’ve been missing is finally in the same room again.

I never want to let the feeling go.

I’M NOT SURE WHAT TIME it is when I feel her crawl into bed with me.

I left my window open, knowing she would want me tonight since we haven’t seen each other all day. Clayton is sleeping on the giant bean bag in the Omega Chi loft, and as soon as he passed out, I shot off a text to Shawna to let her know the offer was open.

As if it ever wasn’t anymore.

She doesn’t speak when she climbs under the covers, already undressed, already panting with need. She just slips her warm hand beneath the band of my boxer briefs and drags her tongue along the edge of my jaw until I meet her mouth with my own. She inhales stiffly when our lips touch and her grip on me tightens, intoxication flowing through the point of contact straight into my blood stream. Shawna always brings me to the best kind of high, but having her hands on me when I’m balancing on the edge of sleep is fucking incredible.

My hands find her hips and I grip her hard, pulling her to straddle me without my mouth breaking contact with hers. She pulls my briefs down just enough for me to kick them the rest of the way off and then she pushes off my chest. Palming me, she places me at her wet entrance, pausing for just the smallest second. It’s long enough for me to peek up at her through heavy eyelids and see her bathed in the dim moonlight streaming through my window, reminding me of our first night together on my birthday. She arches her back as I flex my hips and push inside her, my hands still holding her firmly in place.

We moan together, the same numbing electricity rolling over each of us. I let her work me slow, her thighs tensing beneath my rough fingertips as she does. Her hands are on my chest, balancing, her head is back, hair falling down her back, the purple ends catching the light in a metallic glimmer. I slide my hands up to frame her small waist, trail them over her hard, pierced nipples, and hook them behind her neck before pulling her down to me.

I kiss her softly, her hair falling all around us as I gently take the lead. Rocking my hips deeper, soft whimpers escape her lips and find refuge on mine. My hands on the move again, chills break in their wake as they snake down her lower back to grip her ass firmly, controlling her movements. She willingly lets me take the reins. Her teeth bite the sensitive skin on my neck just below my ear and I hiss, pumping into her harder, driving us both toward the apex.

When I know we’re both close, I pull her forehead to mine, eyes searching, breaths coming hard as I keep our rhythm steady. There are words suspended between us in a space they may never escape, and though neither of us dare speak them out loud, our bodies scream them between the sheets as I rock once, twice, three times, reaching new depths. We hold each other tighter, nails in skin, eyes still wide as the final spark ignites and burns us to the core. We ride out the flames, scorching together, caught in the fire.

A blistering inferno rages in my bedroom, and we gladly go down together in the blaze.

IT’S SUCH A CONTRAST to see the same sisters who were barely clothed and completely sloshed just over a week ago completely sober, dressed in our school colors, ribbons in their hair as they greet the constant stream of parents entering our house. I’m on the front line, handing out programs to smiling faces as they file in out of the Florida heat. My parents aren’t among them, since last minute work issues kept them from making the trip down for Family Weekend, but Erin has volunteered her mom as tribute to keep me company—almost too eagerly, actually.

I find out very quickly why.

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