Pegasus: My Mythical Shifter

By: Wolf Specter
Chapter 1

Devon grinned to himself. You don’t often see a real cowboy in NYC, he thought. Except for the naked one at Times Square. This guy is pretty fucking hot though. Wish he were naked. I wonder if that can be arranged.

The cowboy was sitting by himself at the bar, nursing a drink that looked like bourbon. Devon finished his cigarette and slid in beside him, ordering a beer.

“Craft brew, that one?” said the cowboy, looking at him skeptically.

“Yup,” Devon answered, not looking at him. He didn’t want to seem too eager. This dude probably had people hitting on him all the time. He was gorgeous, and going by the faded lines of his jeans, he was also really, really well hung. “You got something against them?”

“Nah, actually the opposite.” The cowboy’s lips were tight, his grin rather rakish. He tipped up his hat and looked at Devon. “Those big companies are the devil,” he said. “Name’s Perry.”

Devon stuck his hand out and shook the other man’s. An electrical bolt went straight from his hand down to his cock, which was already at half-mast, thinking about what Perry was packing.

“Nice to meet you,” he said mildly, trying not to stare. Fuck this guy’s gorgeous. “Where you from?”

“Yeah, I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a New Yorker,” drawled the cowboy. He took a long look at Devon. “Let’s just say that I’m from pretty far away.”

“Fair enough,” said Devon. “Me, I’m from about a block from here. But I don’t see much reason to leave.”

“Oh no? You never been to the Midwest?”

“Nah. I was in LA, once, but I figure NYC is the greatest city in the world.”

“Sure, it’s pretty good,” conceded Perry. “If you like cities. Thing is, there’s a lot more to see in this world than a bunch of buildings.” He leaned back and took another sip of bourbon. “Like the sunset in a Montana sky, for example.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Devon said. The cowboy spun a little in his chair, so that his denim-clad knee was touching Devon’s. Again, the electricity. The spark.

“I’d love to show you sometime.” The cowboy grinned, lazily, sexily.

“I’d like to see whatever you’ve got to show me,” Devon said. Why beat around the bush?

Chapter 2

They grappled with each other in the doorway, the cowboy’s hand under his buttock, pulling him against his hip. Devon could feel what the jeans had hinted at before – an enormous dick – like porn-star crazy. Between hard kisses, he wondered how the guy could walk with that in his jeans. But if he were to be honest with himself – and he wasn’t always – that was Devon’s thing. He was a size-queen for sure, despite what he told himself about his last crush and former roommate, James. Devon had never had a boyfriend before, and was just coming to terms with the fact he was probably gay. Still, James had teased him a few times, walking around naked, trying to either lure him to bed, or open Devon up to being made fun of – he could never tell. But James’ body was nothing compared to this one – and to have such a perfect, magnificent phallus finally and firmly pressing up against his body was making him harder than ever.

Perry knew what he was doing, too. He was hungry, but never desperate. He slid his body against Devon’s smaller frame, turning him around toward the doorway, pushing Devon’s hands up over his head against the wall. He pressed himself against the smaller man’s ass, as he slid one hand up his chest and neck, and the other down to his cock. He licked and bit Dev’s neck as he teased him with his staff, keeping him immobilized on the wall. Devon wanted to cry out, to moan, but they were only in the doorway to the apartment. He knew that Mrs. Johnson in the next unit would just be hoping for a problem, so that she could run to the landlord and get him kicked out. But Devon didn’t want to stop anything with Cowboy McHorse-Cock, since he was feeling like he had won the lottery anyway.

“Fuck you’re sexy,” rumbled the cowboy, as Devon writhed between him and the wall. “I want to take you and fuck the hell out of you, city boy.”

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