Playing Stacy

By: Jenn Hype
November 2015

Chapter 1


“Hey Joe, got a live one here,” Officer Buzz Kill said to another cop as he pulled me into the police station. Adalyn, my old college roommate and best friend who had come to live with me only a month ago, had gone out with me to the opening of the new club Grind, where I might have gotten a little too tipsy, and then maybe gotten myself arrested.

Okay, maybe we were a lot more than just tipsy, but this cop that had me cuffed and dragging behind him, was seriously going overboard. So what if I had tried to prostitute myself to a stranger in front of him? It was his fault for being all sexy in his uniform. His chest and arms were so muscular that his shirt looked like it might tear at any second if he flexed too hard. He was like my own personal Bruce Banner. Yum.

“Get yourself a hooker, Chad? When I told you to get laid, I didn’t mean pay for it. Probably not a good idea to bring her back here though. Kinda kills the mood, don’t ya think?” Whoever this Joe guy was, he apparently thought he was hysterical as he stood there bent over, slapping his knee and laughing at his own joke. I had to admit, it was pretty funny, but it was at my expense so I decided to be offended instead of laughing.

“Hey, dickwad, I’m no hooker. Your buddy here, the one that’s manhandling me right now, is just being an obnoxious douche. Apparently there were no real crimes being committed in the city tonight so he decided to spend his night screwing with me. And not in the way I’d prefer to be screwed with,” I said with a wink.

Officer Man Panties yanked on my arm, not hard enough to hurt me, but enough to piss me off, and pushed me into an empty jail cell.

“What the hell? At least take off the cuffs. You’re killing me here,” I yelled, kicking the bars with the toe of my sparkly stilettos. “I mean, I like being in cuffs as much as the next girl, but it’s not really worth the pain if I’m not getting any pleasure at the same time.” Chad, aka Officer Killjoy, just glared at me while Joe folded over himself laughing. His laughter gave me a boost of confidence and I tossed a smug smile in Chad’s direction, but he just growled and walked away.

I rolled my eyes at his retreating form and turned my efforts to the sexy cop he left me with. I tilted my head and stuck out my bottom lip in a pout. “Hey, stud muffin. What do you say you come help a lady out? I swear I’ll make it worth your while,” I asked Joe, throwing him a wink as he walked towards me, shaking his head, still chuckling.

“Are you sure you aren’t a hooker?” He asked as he unlocked my cuffs. I glared at him as I rubbed my wrists that were aching from being restrained for so long. He threw his hands up in surrender and stepped back, locking the cell door again. “I didn’t mean you look like one. You’re way too hot to be a hooker, but you certainly have a mouth like one, with all that dirty talk.”

“That’s not the only dirty thing my mouth is capable of,” I whispered as I licked my lips. His laughter was contagious and I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer.

Chad walked back into the room a few minutes later and looked like he was going to say something to Joe, but changed his mind and stormed out. I supposed my tossing quips back and forth with his fellow officer wasn’t exactly the night he had planned for me to have in the little cell I was sitting in.

“Okay, level with me here, Joe. What the hell is that guy’s problem?” I asked, nodding at the door Chad had just left through.

“Who, Chad? Eh, he just takes his job and everything else pretty seriously. I’ve been trying to get him to lighten up since they partnered us two years ago. It hasn’t worked yet, but I’m pretty persistent and I’ve managed to wear him down a little at a time.” Joe pulled up a chair and perched himself on it right outside my cell, and I took a seat on the disgusting floor, stretching my legs out and crossing them at the ankles, leaning back on the palms of my hands.

“He takes his job seriously? I find that hard to believe seeing as how I was arrested tonight for no real reason. Can’t he get in trouble for having me in here with no reason to hold me?”

The corner of Joe’s mouth quirked up on the side and he looked at me like I had just asked the dumbest question he’d ever heard.

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