Pretending with the Greek Billionaire(83)

By: Kira Archer

The Emergency Family Aid organization that Constance works for in this story is loosely based on a real organization, SOS Children’s Villages International. The SOS organization provides homes and care for children whose families are no longer able to do so. While elements similar to the real organization were used for this book, literary license was taken to fit the needs of the story. For more information on the real SOS Children’s Villages, please visit their website at


My deepest thanks to the entire Entangled team, especially my incredible editor, Alethea Spiridon. Luca wouldn’t be here without you, and without Luca my world would be tragic. Thank you so much for everything. I have loved working with you and appreciate everything you’ve done to get this book out in the world.

To my sweet husband, who makes me breathe fresh air, cooks real food, tells me I look great even when I’m on deadline and look like an extra on The Walking Dead, and only rarely fusses when I stumble into bed just before he gets up—I really couldn’t do this without you. At least not well. Just imagine how pale I’d be if it weren’t for you dragging me out into the sun every now and then.

To my amazing kids, for never complaining no matter how many pizza days or video games you’re forced to endure, for scattering when I need a few extra work minutes and still putting up with the Mama Love even though you’re almost as tall as I am—you are my everything. And I promise to put on my “outside clothes” before I pick you up at school. Most of the time.

To Sarah Ballance, my writing creepy twin who somehow manages to keep me sane with your crazy (our crazy?)—my family thanks you. Without you, they’d have to deal with me unfiltered and I’m not sure they are up to that. Also, keep your spiders to yourself. I see a spider, I’m breaking out the mice. Fair warning. As for the jalepeno chips, address them to my son. The kid was drinking salsa when he was two. He thanks you in advance. I wonder if anyone has noticed we talk to each other in these things yet…this could get interesting.

And most importantly, to my fabulous readers. You are the reason I can do what I do. I can’t even express what that means to me. You guys are beyond wonderful!

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