Rebel Princess(114)

By: Blair Bancroft

Kass placed her fingers over his mouth. “Shut up and kiss me, Captain.”

Heat. Light. Sparks flew. Her gown and Tal’s robe hit the floor. With Kass’s teleportation skill more than a bit distracted, their bodies grazed the bed curtains as they flew by, bouncing off one of the bedposts. The bed teetered alarmingly, even as they thudded onto the embroidered covering so hard their breaths whooshed out in unison.

Tal recovered first. “I’ve done my share of maneuvering women into bed, but believe me, wife, I’m nothing compared to you. Well done, Kiolani!”

“Rigel,” she corrected, struggling to keep a solemn face.

Tal laughed and flipped himself on top of her, taking his weight on his elbows. Their eyes met, promises exchanged. My soul, my love, my life. Without you I wouldn’t be what I am.

My soul, my love, my life. Without you I would be lost, my people would be lost.

And, suddenly, everything was new. Even the love they’d experienced as soulmates could not compare. Born for each other, they’d reached across space, across cultures, across war, jealousy, ambition, and hatred to find each other.

Each thrust was a promise, a prayer. Bound together for life, their grand crescendo of passion sent sparks flying, enveloped them in burst of fireworks, reverberating claps of thunder rocked the room . . .


When Kass was finally able to breathe again, the fireworks were still sparking, bits of fading light drifting slowly toward the rug.


“You know,” Tal panted, “we really have to do something about that boy.”

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