Reborn (The Born Trilogy Book 3)

By: Tara Brown

A note to the reader

In this book the reference to the United Nations and the Georgia Guidestones is based on actual events and conspiracy theories. All of the information I used came from the and The Georgia Guidestones is an actual monument. I have a serious addiction to conspiracy theories and this book is based on that.

As always, this series is dedicated to the believers! You never know!

Chapter One

His lips biting at my sleeve is what wakes me. I try to push him back down on the bed but he bites again.

My eyes burst open, realizing he shouldn't be here. “Damn, Leo! When did you get here?”

I grab my bow and quiver, looking around. He gives me a look. He’s judging me for how soft I’ve grown. He climbed right in the tent without waking me.

I nod. “I know, buddy.” I have to remember what we've been through, not where we are.

I climb out of the tent, keeping low to the ground. I have half a mind to grab Will from his tent too, but I don’t. Leo and I can handle whatever it is that’s picking his wolf ass. He ran a long way to tell me about it.

Not just that, but Will will only add drama, mean stares, or that desperate look he gets that annoys me. Seeing him weak like that does nothing for his cause. I know he's sorry, but every time I close my eyes, all I see is him kissing my sister while I’m strapped to a table in the breeder farms.

The silence of the forest is calming and deceptive to anyone who doesn’t know about the song. But I know the song. I can hear it. A bird in the distance makes the warning noise, and the others shoot it along the woods in an echo. One single, sharp note. There are no other noises. No squirrels or rabbits or mice. Just the birds passing the message along the forest. If there is trouble, it’s always the same; this song or total silence. Either way, it's bad news.

We run along the crest of a hill and down into the valley. I can see the guards aren’t in the trees. I give Leo a look. He whines almost silently and looks towards the bottom of the hill. His eyes are darting; he's looking for something.

I take my inhales slow, paced purposefully, to prevent myself from gasping. “Shit,” I whisper and look around; it’s me and them and I have a bow. I can’t kill them as fast with a bow as I can with a gun. I’m about to run back up to the camp like a coward, when I remember…I’m immune.

I almost slap my own forehead. I casually walk down the hill.

Leo doesn’t get it. He tries to lead me off. I rub his ear. “It’s okay. You stay here.”

Their hunting party is large. I don’t even understand how it’s possible. Shouldn’t they be dying off by now?

I sigh, pulling my first arrow and sliding it between my fingers. One of them lifts his head from the ground, where the body they’re eating is laying dead. I can only assume it’s the guard who should be in this quadrant.

The infected snarl at me as they lift their heads. I lose my arrow into the brown, matted head of the first one. They jump up, moving faster than I remember them being able to, and come in a mangled group. I down four before they get to me, and then I pull my knives from my boots. Their skin makes a disturbing squishing sound with the slicing of the blades. Their dirty, rotten blood fills the air around me.

One grabs my arm. I cut into him but another knocks me over into the brush. Leo jumps the one on top of me but is flung across the small clearing. I hear him whimper as he lands.

I panic when I see the green blood splattering. One of them is smothering me, and I don’t really believe I’m immune, not totally. I’m pressing my mouth shut tight as the first set of teeth rip into my forearm. My lips come apart fast, tearing a scream across the silent forest. Amongst their high moans, my scream is so different. I feel a hand grab at my other arm as they cover me.

I struggle but a voice pulls me from it.

“Em, it’s okay, baby. I got you,” he whispers into my neck.

Tears are rolling down my cheeks when I open my eyes. I’m being smothered alright, but it’s by Will and my blankets.

I turn my face into his neck and let it out. I don’t want to. I want it to be him, not Will, comforting me. I want his fur to muffle the sobs like always as his paws wrap around me.

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