Ridin' Her Rough

By: Jenika Snow

He kept his distance… She saved her virginity…

Torque Morrison is a biker without roots, and he likes it that way. The pierced and tattooed member of the Phoenix MC Nomads is a bad boy who’s lived hard and struggled with addiction—of the curvy variety. Torque knows he should stay away from Rush Falls, but that’s easier said than done. The town is home to the one woman he can’t have.

Delilah Stringer is a voluptuous brunette half Torque’s age. As the daughter of the president of the Rush Falls Chapter, she’s no shrinking violet. The outlaws she grew up around may be crude and nasty, but they’re also protective—they’d never approve of her being with a player like Torque. She may want him, but he’s never shown interest in her. That is, not until one drunken night when she gives him her virginity.

Chapter One

Delilah could already tell there was a party going on inside the clubhouse for the Phoenix MC. The music was loud enough to have her ears ringing, and anytime the front doors were pushed open smoke billowed out from the inside. She had no business being here. After the shitty day she’d had dealing with customers, co-workers who were backstabbing bitches, and getting bailed on by her date only hours before he was supposed to pick her up, all she wanted was someone to talk to. But she wasn’t surprised Robbie hadn’t wanted to see her when he realized she was the daughter of Carson “Brack” Stringer, the president of the Phoenix MC. The only thing she wanted to do right now was talk about her “girl problems” with Dixon—the woman who was like a mother to everyone at the club. Dixon was old enough to be her mom, and in fact that’s pretty much how Delilah saw her. Dixon had been around for the last few years and was the most caring and compassionate person in the club. Those things were something that was lacking in a motorcycle club full of gritty bikers. But now here she was, sitting in the clubhouse parking lot and regretting coming here without calling first.

The door opened again and she saw Ace stumble out. The Phoenix VP was gorgeous in that raw and rough kind of way, and a total man-whore, like the rest the guys. He had a Cherry wrapped around his body. The women who hung around the club were called Cherries, for whatever reason, but one thing Delilah knew is that they would do anything a member asked. Anything. They were sluts, and although Delilah couldn’t stand any of them, there were a few with tolerable personalities. She wasn’t even going to mention the fact some were only eighteen, and given the fact that was how old Delilah was, it had the ick factor growing in full force. She grabbed her phone out of her purse and dialed the clubhouse number. Hopefully Dixon would answer or no one would pick up, but knowing her luck a drunk member would decide he wanted to get up and actually answer a phone.

“Yeah?” With the music so loud, and the background noise earsplitting, Delilah had a hard time making out who was speaking. It didn’t sound like any of the regular members, but as she scanned her eyes over the Harleys lined up in front of the clubhouse, everything inside of her stilled. She would know Torque Morrison’s bike anywhere. The black, gleaming Harley had the most elaborate phoenix painted on the side. Flames branched out from its open wings, and the fierce look in the bird’s eyes was just the tip of how fearsome the club really was.

“Uh, hey, it’s Delilah.” She swallowed her nerves and closed her eyes. For the past year Torque had been to the club when he passed through their town of Rush Falls. He was a Nomad, a biker affiliated with the Phoenix MC, but he wasn’t locked down with any particular chapter. He was big and hard looking, and so very sexy that just thinking about him had her panties soaked.


“Sorry. Is Dixon there?” The sound of several women giggling was her response.

“What?” Torque sounded drunker than hell, and like he was starting to get annoyed with the fact he couldn’t hear her. Well, that made both of them.

“Is Dixon there?” she said louder. The sound of glass breaking came through and she leaned her head back on the seat.

“Tell whoever it is to go the fuck away.”

Delilah gritted her teeth when she heard Pinkie’s voice. Pinkie was one of the newest Cherries, and a slut to the nth degree. She also thought her shit didn’t stink. There was some shuffling and then Pinkie’s voice was screeching through the phone.

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