Ballad:Rockstar 05

By: Anne Mercier


I can never say this enough- Thank you, thank you, thank you to my amazing editor, Nicole Bailey. You are entirely too good to me.

To the readers- Without you I would be nothing. Every day I'm thankful for you.

To the bloggers – Thank you for everything you do. I appreciate your selflessness more than words can say.

To Mandi Wathey – Thank you for reading this first and giving your honest feedback. It has been invaluable. Thank you, too, for your daily Man Candy posts in the Rockstar group. You give the ladies something amazing to look forward to every morning. Hugs!

To My Sister, Shelly, and my niece, Teah – Thanks for putting up with me when I'm on a crazy schedule and for listening to me ramble on about books even though you're not readers. I love you guys!

To My Boys, Travis and Mike – Thanks for sharing my books with your friends who share them with their moms. The fact that you're not even embarrassed that your mom writes "those" books is so cool. I love you both.

To My Mom – Who reads my books religiously and encourages (nags) me to keep writing even when I don't want to.

To My Dad – For your silent support and pride. Words can't express how honored I am that the man who always gave mom looks for reading her books took the time to read part of mine. Whether you finish it or not, the fact that you read any of it at all, means the world to me. Thank you for believing.

To Harper Bentley – You are the shit! Thank you for being such an amazing friend and helping me choose between some very difficult photos. I'm still waiting for that Cage match.

To Sapphire Knight – You, Miss Sapphire, are inspiring. Your dedication to your writing makes me want to write more and be better disciplined. Thank you for being you.

To the ladies in the C.O.P.A. Cabana – You are the absolute best. Thank you for your support, your advice, and sharing your wealth of knowledge with this still-to-me newbie.

To my street team – Mandi Wathey, Cindy Carlson, Melissa Steps, Dawn Stanton, Kelly Emery, Tera Chastain, Lisa Sylva, Heather Wish, and Veronica Garcia – Without you I couldn't function. You are my helpers and my promoters and my strongest supporters. I love you guys.

To David Juteau Marineau – For being such an amazing person. I'm proud to have you grace the covers of my books. Ladies, he's our very own Xander!

To Sara Eirew – Photographer and cover designer extraordinaire – You are amazing. Thank you for putting up with my quirkiness and pickiness.

To Milo Ventimiglia for continuing to inspire me every day. I will never forget our meeting. You're an incredible person.

To M. Shadows and Avenged Sevenfold – Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Your music inspires and motivates me and for that I'll always be grateful because without you, there would be no Rockstar series.

Author Note

I've noticed that there have been complaints with regard to author chapters in the back of the book. Having the chapters in the back of the book doesn't change the file size of the actual book but rather only the total file.

I like to share chapters from new authors or author friends with you, the readers, because you may just find a new book or author that becomes your favorite. This also helps fellow authors gain new readers. So, to me, this is a win-win.

Thanks for your support!

Anne xoxo


To the readers-

Without you I would be nothing.

Every day I'm thankful for you and your continued support.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."

-Helen Keller



"Mama, I'm tired."

"I know baby girl. We're almost there," she says. She's been saying that a lot and I don't think we're ever going to get there. We've been moving so much lately and I miss my friends. I miss my nana and my kitty Gable. I miss our car that broke a kajllion steps ago.

“How far is almost there?” I ask, my feet aching and it’s getting harder and harder to keep my eyes open as I walk.

“I know someone just up this road. They have a nice house, well, a cabin really, out in the woods. There’ll be all kinds of animals you’ll get to see and it’ll be warm and safe.” Mama squeezes my hand softly. “Just a little farther, Coley.”

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