Scorch (Dragon's Destiny:Fated Mates Book 2)

By: Wolf Specter & Angel Knots

I wanted Maks, and seeing so much of him lately had been heaven.

I loved his sense of humor, and the way he listened to me as if everything about me was fascinating, and the way he made even the simplest moments fun. I loved the little ways he always found to touch me, and the way he remembered the things that were important to me, and the way he looked at me, hot and tender at the same time, as if I was everything he wanted. And I appreciated that he respected my need to honor my marriage vows. I really did.

But oh, God, I desperately wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to do things to me that I’d never experienced in real life, but I wasn’t free to ask for those things.

Whenever I closed my eyes, though, he was there… and in my dreams I didn’t have to ask. They always felt so vivid, so real, as if Maks were inside my head, inside my heart—and definitely, in those hot, frantic dreams—inside my body.

Tonight, in the way of dreams, the setting was both familiar and strange. It felt like my bedroom, my home, but not the one I lived in with Sarah. It was Maks’s home. Our home, together. And Maks was there, behind me, those hot hands that had touched me chastely so many times in the waking world, suddenly not so innocent. Slipping under my shirt, trailing a line of heat up my belly that shot straight down to my cock. Maks was kissing me, tipping my head back so he could suck lightly at the base of my throat as he undressed me. Handling me with a possessive devotion that made me feel cherished and loved and his, completely.

I didn’t know if the reality would ever compare to this. How could it?

In the dream, Maks’s lips scorched my skin, lighting it on fire with a fierce, burning need for more. Dream-clothes disappeared, and the feel of Maks’s powerful body, naked and pressed against me from behind, his thick shaft pulsing between us, was almost enough to make me come by itself.

Especially when he reached around and wrapped a hot hand around my own straining erection, stroking up its length with the perfect pressure, and that delicious heat. Slicking his hand back down me, again and again, in a rhythm that made everything else disappear. There was only him.

His touch. His heat. His voice.

He whispered in my ear, telling me all the things that I’d never heard him say in waking life, but had seen in his eyes every time we saw each. Things I was scared for him to say out loud since I wasn’t free to act on them… even though I desperately wanted to hear them. Wicked things, and loving things, and things that made me dream of a future that was unlike anything I’d ever let myself imagine before meeting him.

And then, with no transition, dream-Maks was fucking me.


~ Maksim ~

“Where’s whatsisname?” Ty asked, handing me a beer. “Jared. Did you leave him back in Wisconsin?”

“Jason,” I corrected him, slouching down on the couch. “And that’s been over for a few months. Thanks,” I added, tipping the beer up in a mock salute before taking a drink.

“Fuck, Maks,” Ty laughed, shaking his head. “You go through men faster than my niece goes through diapers. I thought you dragons were all ‘there can be only one’ and shit.”

I laughed along with him, ignoring the little twinge I felt at the jibe. Not every dragon shifter could be as lucky as my friend, Dane, who had found his fated mate in Ty’s twin, Wes. The first time Dane had seen Wes, his otherself had instantly recognized the pretty man as his destiny.

I’d met Dane over two hundred years ago, when I still thought I was human. He’d been there when my dragon had awoken, and when my otherself had first burst forth he’d saved me from causing harm to the people that mattered to me.

Before that day, I hadn’t known such things existed, and it had been both shocking and terrifying… but not as much as the thought of what I would have become if my friend hadn’t been there to take me under his wing. Dane was already centuries old by the time I came along, and in that time he had seen our kind do unspeakable things. He’d shielded me from most of it, guiding and mentoring me in what it meant to be what we were and becoming my closest friend along the way—a relationship closer than family for both of us.

Also By Wolf Specter & Angel Knots

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