Sessions Interrupted

By: Kristi Pelton


Following the release of Pure Will…I was gratefully overwhelmed with the response from so many people. One author reached out because she had read and enjoyed the book and introduced me to a new world—a world of street teams and pimpers and awesome people. SE Hall…thank you for that phone call at midnight that led me to Pelton’s Wild Women! Your graciousness will never be forgotten. I have to say thank you to Angela Graham for reaching out to me as well and helping with my very first critique. And to those in Pelton’s Wild Women—I could no sooner choose a favorite of you all than choose a favorite star. You are pimping beasts who give up your time for me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!! Beta Babes…thank you, it was fun and you rock!!

Meg, Mad and Clista—You three started this journey with me years ago and remain by side. Gracias chicas.

To my Mom and Dad—there are no words—I love you.

Kevin, Ben and Zach—thank you for allowing my computer to accompany us everywhere we go. Thank you for making me smile. And thank you for being the best part of my life.

K, B, Z… 1

Go Jayhawks! Go Ducks! Go Cubs!

Chapter 1—Kieran

“All Rise. The Multnomah County District Court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Joe Phillips presiding,” the monotone court reporter shouted across the empty courtroom, seeming as bored as I.

“Thank you, you may be seated,” the familiar Judge said. “May I have the appearances, please?”

The petite little prosecutor in her pencil skirt and silk cream blouse stood back up. Shauna. The red in her cheeks darkened as her eyes flickered to mine. Three months had passed since I’d nailed her. I don’t know why she’d still be embarrassed; I’d seen her out since. “May it please the court, Shauna Hoffman on behalf of the state.”

Up next, my overpaid attorney, who was as well known as I was to the court, stood in his expensive suit that I probably paid for and said, “May it please the court, Kieran Scott appears in person by and through counsel Jason Reed.”

“Thank you,” the judge said. “It appears we are here again for Mr. Scott on a public intoxication and aggravated battery charge?”

I couldn’t help but snicker. The judge peered over his bifocals at me as Jason elbowed me in the side. I needed an attorney with bigger balls.

“Your Honor, if I may?” I rose from my seat, ignoring the sigh of Jason next to me. I chuckled a bit as he covered his eyes with one hand.

“Please Mr. Scott. Enlighten us to what happened this time. I do find it entertaining since I rarely get to meet a man of leisure with so many charges yet so few convictions.”

“Well you see, I was having a little fun with my friends, minding my own business and this prick starts to get rough with his girl...”

The court reporter with a lopsided grin tapped away on the small machine. Judge Joe’s icy glare caught mine.

“So, I decided to teach said guy a lesson.”

The judge tossed his glasses onto his bench. “And you hit him with brass knuckles?”

“No sir, he’s full of shit. That was my fist that hit him,” I swore. That pissed me off most. That prick knew damn good and well my fist broke his nose, and he’s claiming I had a weapon.

Though he was black, the judge’s face darkened as he slowly rose to his feet. I knew him well enough to know he was through entertaining me. I knew that look all too well. “Mr. Reed, I’d like to see your client in chambers immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

The chamber door slammed and I knew better than to slouch in the leather, wingback chair. Bracing myself for what I knew was coming…

“Sit up,” my godfather growled, smacking the back of my head.

Brushing off the involuntary flinch, I scooted even more upright in the chair. He knew I didn’t like to be hit.

“Goddammit Kieran, get your shit together. I will not allow you to make a mockery of my courtroom.” His fist pounded on his desk.

“I’m sorry, Joe. I wasn’t trying to.” My arms shot up in the air. “But this is bullshit.”

“Kieran,” he drew out. Here we go with his usual spiel. “You’re killing me. You are 26 years old. You graduated with your master’s degree in accounting three years ago! You still have a position waiting for you in your father’s company making seven figures. You have an inheritance that any man would kill for.” Joe dragged his hand the length of his face in what I’m sure was frustration. “You have a small castle sitting on the Columbia River that’s been featured in countless magazines. Any woman would kill to be your mate…spouse …whatever! And tell me Kieran, what do you do?” He fell back into his chair clearly exasperated.

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