She Use to Be the Sweetest Girl(4)

By: Linette King

I got in the shower and sent Animal a text to let him know I was on my way. He hit me back to let me know he was already there and confirmed that Pee Wee was inside at that very moment. See, this is why Animal is my nigga! I’ll never let anyone know my every move but Animal knows enough to help me run shit. He’s the only one that has met the connect outside of my bloodline and Pablo likes him too.

Animal is one of them big, muscular niggas that his presence alone puts fear in most. Shit his ass is taller than me and I’m 6’1”! A lot of people hear his name and think they call him that because he must look like some type of animal, but it’s the way he kills you and leaves on the side of the road like an animal. The funny thing is, the nigga can kill you in your home and will still dump your body on the side of the road. I think he be hoping that an animal will come and eat on their corpse and in most cases they do.

I drove through the quiet streets with money on my mind. I needed to figure out if I was going to trust someone else to step up and run Pee Wee’s trap house or close it down all together. I have more than enough money to close it and still be good, but a lot of my revenue comes from his house. That’s probably why I’m so pissed off about him leaving it unattended. I know nothing was missing but nothing was made during his absence either and that’s fucking with me.

I need to call a meeting so I can make an example out of Pee Wee, especially in front of Toto. See I’m a boss and not one that rules with fear alone, I need everyone in my organization to respect me and fear me. Not only that, but I make everybody feel like family from the runners all the way up to Animal. I don’t treat anyone any different but they all know once you cross me you die. I have rules set in place for a reason and that’s to keep everybody safe and hopefully out of jail. When you do shit like leave a trap house unattended, you’re breaking a rule that didn’t need to be told. I just don’t feel like I should have to tell a nigga not to leave his post, especially if he’s there alone. See Pee Wee got too comfortable so now he thinks he can get away with murder, but it’s time to bring him down a few notches. I need to let them know that their lives are safe but only when they follow my rules.

Shit, I don’t even let niggas leave the organization for shit. Once you’re in, you’re in until you die. Once you express that you want out, I’ll ask if you’re sure and once you say yes, you’ll die. It’s just that simple for me. I can’t have you leaving my organization and going to one of my rivals and telling them all of my secrets. Like I said before, I don’t leave anything up to chance. Shit you can retire, but only after a certain age and I have to be sure that you’re going to retire. I only said that because my pops and Uncle Ronnie retired but not before they handed the reigns over to me. That means I can’t retire until I’ve handed them same reigns over to Animal. In other words, you can’t retire until there’s no more room on the ladder for you to go up. Shit, even Pops and Unc still oversee shit for me from time to time.

I pulled up on the block in my all black Cadillac Escalade on 26” rims. I parked and hopped out the truck and walked around the corner where I knew Animal would be. See, he got this little bitch named Brittany that lives over here and I’m almost certain that’s how he knew where to find Pee Wee. Brittany is bad as a mother fucker but she’s messy as hell! It’s nothing she doesn’t know about anybody! I hate bitches like that. The ones that have so much to say about everybody else but ain’t got shit going for themselves. She ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, but she can tell you how trifling or lazy everybody else is.

As soon as I rounded the corner, I saw them boys turn on the block. I dug my hands in my pocket and tossed the vials of heroin that I had in the bushes conspicuously and turned back around. I patted myself down like I forgot something in case they were watching me as I made my way back to my truck. I was walking so fast that I didn’t even see the bright skinned chick until she hit the ground. I almost snapped on her for not watching where she was going until I got a good look at her. She was a true red bone, with long hair, green eyes and a perfect set of teeth. I could tell she was mixed with something but I had no idea what.

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