She Use to Be the Sweetest Girl

By: Linette King


First off and foremost I have to thank God who is the head of my life and household. I will never stop because he has brought me too far! I can’t and I won’t go back to how things use to be. I know as long as I keep God first I am untouchable. With God with me, who can be against me?

To my children: Aaliyah, Alannah and Jaye! I love you guys with every fiber in me! Y’all are going to have some awesome childhood memories because you know your silly mommy will make everything worthwhile. Always remember us in the living room playing “Who Says” by Selena Gomez with Aaliyah on the air horn, Alannah on the air drums, mommy on the air guitar and Jaye watching and laughing. We were singing our hearts out and laughing the whole time. Don’t ever forget our tickle fights or prayer time either. Remember to always keep God first and allow him to lead the way.

To my family: Geesh you guys are the freaking best! You’re totally awesome! Don’t ever change.. I love you!! Baby Brother Charles, I wish you were closer so I could get on your nerves daily! I love you and no amount distance can ever change that! Hopefully I’ll see you soon because I’m missing you twin!

To my friends: My extra crazy friends! I remember how I met each one of you and I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world. Jasmine go ahead and have me a God child to love on because Jaye getting big now lol. Trinisha, your gonna be missing Payton because she’s gonna be at my house so much!

Shameek, you have had faith in me from the very beginning! I know for a fact I won’t stop because you won’t let me! LOL! Any day so far that I wanted to take a break you shoot me an inspiring text that makes me say forget a break! Let me write the next chapter! And as a result another book is born!

MAJOR SHOUTOUT GOES TO: Brandon Miles and Jarelle Davis for writing all of the freestyles in my book! They didn’t have to take time out of their lives to do it but they did! I’ll always have y’all backs because you guys got mines! #MSGULFCOAST #228 #SUPPORT


To my readers: I’m so happy you’re still riding with me! I’m trying to be your favorite author’s favorite author! LOL! I hope you enjoy! I wanted to try something different. Leave a review and let me know what you think.

Random Book Fact# I changed the title 3 times before I was happy with the way it fit with the story

Nichole Jackson

Every day that I wake up in this small, cramped up 3-bedroom apartment is another day I wish I was somewhere else. It’s bad enough that I’m 17 years old and have to share a room with my 19-year-old sister, Antoinette! If that isn’t bad enough for you, try picturing my 5’1”, 130lb body sharing a full sized bed with Antoinette's 5’5”, 185lb body and see if you understand my struggle. She’s always trying to squeeze her big ass in my clothes too; so whenever I finally get something new, I hide it underneath dirty clothes in my dirty clothes hamper. I keep them separated by a clean sheet though.

Antionette isn’t my only sister, there’s also Sabrina, standing at 5’4” and 160lbs; but she has her own room! I guess it’s because she’s 21 but shit, I think that should mean move the fuck out! Now my mom Stephanie, has the other room but she hardly ever uses it. She claims she don’t like to take guests in her room because she sleeps there. I think she doesn’t take them back there because it’s nasty as fuck.

Anyway, I stood in front of my full length, dusty cracked mirror as I got dressed for school. My red cropped top shirt goes perfectly with my bright skin. It made my green eyes sparkle slightly, giving the illusion that I’m happy. The truth is, I’m very far from it. I pulled my long curly tresses into a tight high ponytail and allowed my Chinese bang to fall in my face. I turned to the side to see how my ass looked in my skinny jeans before I slipped on my red sandals. “Perfect!” I said out loud as I crept towards our room door. I had to make sure I didn’t wake Nette up or I’d have to fight her before school again and I didn’t feel like it.

I opened the room door and the sight before me made me vomit in my mouth. I swallowed it back down and the taste made my eyes water. I stood in the doorway of my room as I watched my mom on all fours throwing that ass in a circle on one of the local dope boys, Pee Wee's dick. They were both moaning loudly without a care in the world. I walked back into my room because I know better than to interrupt mama while she’s making bill money. The last time I interrupted her I ended up going to school with her handprint on my face. I treaded slowly to my window and stared out, watching the corner boys do their thing. A slow smile began to spread across my face when Murda pulled up in his black on black Cadillac Escalade on 26” rims. He climbed out of the truck like he owned every building on the block and I began to wonder what it would be like to be his girl.

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