Shifters Forever:The Complete Boxed Set

By: Elle Thorne

Chapter 1

Grant picked up the pace. Not that he was anxious to see Chelsea. Okay, yes he was. He’d been seeing her every three weeks for two months. He’d been seeing her since she first moved to town. On a professional level, of course. ONLY. Not that he wouldn’t love to see her more often. And see more of her.

Damn, the thought of that made his cock twitch. He’d better control that before he walked into the hair salon where she worked. The last thing he needed was to scare her off with a raging hard-on. A glance at his watch confirmed his appointment was in five minutes. He took a deep breath of the cool winter air, then let it out slowly and tried to think of anything that would make his arousal lessen.

Good luck with that. Might as well go in and see her. And get his hair cut. He clicked the remote, locking the door on his pickup, ran his fingers through hair that didn’t really need a cut yet. And never really needed a cut when he scheduled his appointments. And yet he did. Every three weeks, like clockwork.

“Grant.” He turned toward the voice. Mae, the salon owner, called his name. She was headed toward the salon, too.

“Not working today?”

“Needed to pick up a couple of supplies.” She raised a bulky box an inch or two then settled it against her torso again.

“Let me help you with that.” He stepped her way and relieved her of the burden.

She looked at his hair, cocked her head, and a tiny smile played on her lips. “Is it already time for another cut?”

He nodded and waited for her teasing. She enjoyed picking on him for coming in so often.

“It was on the calendar.” As if he hadn’t put it there.

“When are you going to ask her out? You’ll save a lot of money on haircuts.”

“You want me to save money on haircuts? Seems like that would cut into your income.”

“And that would worry me?”

He knew the income didn’t matter to Mae. She was well off financially. Set for life, as she’d told him when he asked her if she’d be okay after she lost her husband. Owning the beauty salon allowed her to pursue her other interests. Helping others.

He exhaled, watching his breath in the cold air. “Maybe today will be the day. I’m not sure if she’s as interested...” He shifted the box to one hand and opened the door to the salon with the other.

“You have doubts? You?”

“Not that impossible to believe, is it?” He shook his head at the hopelessly romantic matchmaker that Mae was, and stood aside so she could precede him into her shop.

His kind mated for life. And life to his kind meant forever. It was no small thing to ask a human to commit to a life with a shifter—forever.

Mae was no stranger to that. She lost her shifter husband many hundred years ago, and had never taken another.

* * *

Chelsea looked at the clock for the fiftieth time since 10:00 a.m. His appointment was at 11:00, in three minutes.

Three minutes! A warm flush ran through her body, a surge of excitement to see him again. She looked in the mirror, pulling her smock off. She didn’t need it accentuating her extra curves. She certainly didn’t need it adding any extra pounds.

She turned, looked at her backside in the mirror. Jeez, what she wouldn’t give to have a smaller ass. She gave an envious glance to the hairdresser in the next station over. Probably a size 2. Then she looked back at her own ample derriere. He’d never give her a second glance.

Yet, he was kind of flirty... so maybe? Or maybe he’s just being nice to his hairdresser. She promptly put herself back in place. Don’t go getting your hopes up.

“Your regular should be here in a few, right?” said Lana, the size 2 next to Chelsea.

Chelsea’s cheeks grew warm. She chanced a peek in the mirror. Yep, that embarrassing red color was creeping its way up her chest to her face.

All six foot, four inches, wide shoulders, and piercing blue eyes of him. “I’m not sure.” Sure you aren’t. Okay, hopeless. Of course she looked forward to seeing him. Had ever since the first haircut she’d given him, one week after she took this job, which seemed like ages ago.

The sound of the door opening and closing brought her back to the present. She busied herself with the scissors, dryers, and brushes at her station, pretending she wasn’t expecting or anxious to see him.

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