Side Chick Catching Main Chick Feelings 3

By: B.M. Hardin


Recap of Side Chick Catching Main Chick Feelings Part TWO

“One more question. How did you know?”

He looked at me and waited for me to continue.

“That day you texted me and told me not to open the front door. How did you know? It was Jinx wasn’t it? She was behind the attack? She wanted me to lose the baby because she thought it could be yours because you lied, right?”

He smiled.

“Wrong. Jinx didn’t set up the attack. It wasn’t my family who was responsible for that one. It was somebody in yours,” Kane said.

I looked at him.


Somebody in mine?

“So one of my loved ones set me up to be attacked? They are the reason why I was beat near death and lost the baby?”

He nodded.

“Who? Which one?

As soon as I said the words, I heard the door close behind me.

I was surprised at who I saw standing there when I turned around.

“Well now that the cat is out of the bag…”


I waited on him to say something else, but he didn’t.


I looked at Daddy, as my heart started to beat faster and faster as though it was trying to escape from the protection of my chest.

I waited.

I begged him with my eyes to finish his sentence.

Little Krissie was holding his hand and smiling as she sucked on a lollipop.

“Excuse me?” I managed to say.

“Thanks Kane,” Daddy said somewhat sternly.

“Of course I wasn’t going to tell her,” Kane said in a different tone of voice.

One that I’d never heard him use before.

“I know,” Daddy said.

“What the hell are you two talking about? Tell me what? It was you?” I questioned Daddy in disbelief.

“You and that baby were causing a lot of confusion and unnecessary problems Moet. It caused too much tension between two of my best workers. It was the only way,” Daddy said.


What the hell did he mean by two of his best workers?

Who worked for who?

And what was the only way?

I already knew that I wasn’t about to like where this conversation was headed but I tried to brace myself.

“So you are responsible for my attack?” I dreaded Daddy’s response though I already knew the answer.

I just needed to hear him say it.


I felt like I was about to passed out, literally.

My knees started to buckle and I felt Kane touch my back to make sure that I was stable, but I moved away from him.

Daddy continued to talk.

“Kane works for me…and so does Drake,” Daddy said.


I turned around to look at Kane.

He smiled in a weird, sneakily kind of way, just before he shrugged his shoulders and nodded.


No! No! No!

Hell to the no!

I just wouldn’t believe.

I refused to believe my own ears.

“What? How? What?”

“They have worked for me for a very long time Moet. I’m not at the very top of the food chain or anything, but I do run my own little “operation”. Remember my close friend, the one you used to call “Uncle Franky”? The one that died when you were a little girl? Well, maybe you don’t remember. You were only about five years old then. Anyway, I found him the night that he was killed. He’d told me to stop by after work, but I was laid off that day, so I went to see him a little early. He was already dead when I got there.”

I tried to remember, but every inch of space in my head was clouded by Daddy’s confession of being responsible for the attack that killed my baby and almost killed me.

“Just as I was about to call for help, his phone rang and I answered it. It was the man that he “worked” for. The man that he made deliveries for. And by deliveries, I mean drug drop-offs, pick-ups, and much more. We were best friends and I never even knew that he was a drug dealer or even suspected that he was involved in something like that. He didn’t seem like the type of guy that would try to dabble in the fast life. He’d hid it all so well. But that’s how it’s supposed to be. The best of us. The biggest dealers that are out here aren’t the flashy ones that you are used to seeing. We remain discreet at all times. Just as I have. As you can see, I have kept a very low profile. I live a normal life. I already had the wife and kids, so that was part of it. All those years I even worked a normal job. I didn’t need to, but I did it. It makes everything run smoother when everyone and everything blends in.”

Also By B.M. Hardin

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