Side Chick Turned Wife

By: Tamicka Higgins


I’m honestly getting sick of being the other woman. It was great while it lasted. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what the fuck I was getting myself into, I just feel like I have had enough of this waiting around bullshit. I mean, I thought that he really loved me and shit. I thought he was going to leave her for me and start a family with me. I guess I was stupid for having such fantasy dreams, huh? This nigga was with the bitch for well over a couple of years now and he was with me for a good eight months at this point. Wouldn’t you think that if this nigga was cheatin’ for this long, he would have had his mind made up? All his lies—Ihopes, dreams, and promises he was feeding me was just to keep me happy. It was all just to make me feel like he was going to eventually do something about our relationship. Well, nothing has changed; I’m still the side bitch.

I can’t help the feelin’ of wanting him all over me and how much of a woman I feel when he gets down to it. Oh, he is just so nasty the way he works that tongue and those hips. Shit. I will shamefully admit that the sex is something I absolutely love when we are together. It is something that keeps me coming back to him and coming all over him, if you catch what I’m sayin.

It’s not just the sex that makes me want to be around this man, it’s his lifestyle too. This nigga has the money, the cars, the drugs, the connects—the everything that I could ever want and need. I will admit, I’m kind of envious of his main bitch; she can openly proclaim his shit and she gets to go to all the main events—all while I sit back and hope he notices me or that he will call me to go out to these events. There have been several occasions when we so happened to be at the same event though, but he paraded her ass around while my pretty ass sits in the VIP section with a whole bunch of other niggas and bitches. He sure does a good ass job of keepin’ us separate, but I have to give myself the credit on that one. She doesn’t know shit about me, but I know a ton of shit about her. He is lucky he copped a bad ass and smart side bitch like me who knows how to shut her mouth and not cause some shit. One of these days he will realize that or maybe he does now and that is why he still keeps me around. That makes me wonder, how many side bitches has he had that he needed to drop because they were loud as shit and got him in trouble with his main? I mean, I must be his first side bitch because he been with me for damn near almost half as long as he’s been with his main and he ain’t dropped me yet and I ain’t seen him with some other bitch. Whatever. I’m still the side chick who waits for them damn phone calls for us to kick it or for him to use me as his arm candy in the club. He has called me a lot lately, but shit, I go back and forth about all of this shit. I enjoy the lifestyle and the ability to go party with him and end up at some fancy ass hotel suite or something like that, but I would love to be his main bitch.

With that being said, I think I’m going to reconsider being his side piece before his main bitch finds out about me. I know about her and I know enough to remember that she is pretty damn crazy about him. What I think though is that because she is so damn crazy, he has a side bitch to keep him calm. Why doesn’t he just wife me up then? I give this nigga all he wants and could ever need, yet I still stand here on the side.

I just get so disappointed because I find myself wrapped up in his mess. Me wanting to be his main girl and me wanting to be the one who he always calls on, not just whenever he wants to. I want to be the one living in his big house and havin’ his babies. Ugh, with all the money he has, it makes me so damn envious. I want to have money too! I mean, I got a good job and I’m makin’ it, but shit, I wanna be taken care of too.

You know what? I think I’m gone ride this out for my rider. I honestly want to see how this is going to go with him. Damn, so much to think about and so much to worry about. Let’s just hope that this works out for the best.

Chapter One:


This city is a place I am proud to live in, that’s for sure. It is so lovely and lively, the perfect vacation spot for young adults and spring breakers. The beaches have white sand and clear-enough waters that makes it attractive to the young little hoes in skimpy bathin’ suits to frolic and get wet in. This city is also dangerous. Although in the daylight it looks harmless and ideal, by night it is completely the opposite. At night, the prostitutes and the drug dealers come out to lurk, selling their dope and their bodies for quick money. I’ll shamefully admit that I had been hella interested in that type of shit, and I’ve been learning more about it ever since I started to fuck with Tyrek, a henchman to one of the city’s top drug lords. That nigga is a rider for that dude. He doesn’t tell me a lot about what he does; he doesn’t necessarily have to, I hear stories from clientele who walk into this salon and talk about their crazy nights. Oh yeah, I hear it all. Being the assistant in one of the hottest hair salons in the city will give you that perk.

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