Some They Lie

By: M K Farrar

Everybody hides the monster inside...

When Olivia Midhurst meets Michael, she doesn’t fool herself that he’s the perfect guy. No one is perfect—she knows that better than most. Everyone has their secrets. But something about Michael’s behaviour sets her nerves on edge, and, when people around her start to go missing, and then turn up dead, she’s forced to act.

Knowing the police will never believe what she’s witnessed and terrified her accusations will only drag up the past she’s worked so hard to bury, Olivia has no choice but to take things into her own hands...

To Rachel McClellan, whose generosity meant I never let this book go.

Chapter One

Present Day

THE MAN HUNG BY HIS wrists from an iron hook embedded in the ceiling.

She stood in front of him, staring, contemplating her next move. His jaw pressed against his bare chest, creating the appearance of a double chin where normally there was none. Unconscious, for the moment, his whole body hung loose and slack. Because of the low ceiling, the toes of his boots skated against the floor, giving him the barest modicum of relief from the pressure in his wrists and shoulders, but only when he was conscious enough to balance.

The rope securing his wrists didn’t keep her safe. It was the gag between his lips that kept danger at bay, though she knew if he ever managed to work it free, things would be different. He’d affected her already, made her do things she’d never believed herself capable of, and she wouldn’t make that same mistake twice.

Red stripes licked across his naked torso, the result of the cane she’d been forced to use. She needed answers, and while she couldn’t risk removing the gag, there were other ways she could get him to reply. His refusal to give her anything had made her hurt him, but still he shook his head in defiance every time she asked him what she needed to know. She took no pleasure in the job, but she had to be brave. It was all she had left, and she wouldn’t let this man—this monster—win.

She was stronger than that.

He’d underestimated the lengths she’d go to in order to make things right. Even with everything on his side, all of his power, she’d still managed to overcome him.

The man let out a muffled groan and began to stir.

Nerves jangled through her system, and the sour taste of fear coated her tongue. As he woke, her pulse quickened, her breath growing shallow in her lungs. She tightened her fingers around the cane and rolled out her neck and shoulders. It was physical work her body wasn’t used to, and tension knotted her muscles. As she lifted her arms, her shirt sleeve rode down, exposing the flash of white bandages and the striking slash of red where the blood had seeped through. This was taking its toll on her, but she had to continue until she got what she wanted.

It was time to start again.

Chapter Two

Five Weeks Earlier

“FROM NOW ON, LIV, I’M going to tell you a time half an hour earlier than when we need to leave, just so I know you’re going to be ready on time.”

Olivia Midhurst looked to where her friend, Ellen, was standing in the doorway, one hand on her hip, her lips pressed together with disapproval.

“I know. I’m sorry.” Liv hopped around her bedroom, trying to shove her foot into her black high heel. “I never mean to be so late. I’m just a really bad judge of how long it takes to do things.”

Ellen’s eyebrows lifted. “How old are you now?”

“Twenty-seven years is nowhere near enough time to learn things,” she protested. “And anyway, you were late for coffee the other day.”

“Ryan’s car broke down, and he couldn’t give me a lift. I think that was a reasonable excuse.”

“Okay, okay. I’m ready now, though, see?” Olivia straightened and put her hands out either side of her, displaying the little black dress she wore. “Ta-da.”

“You look gorgeous, as always.” Ellen jerked her head towards the front door, causing her blonde bob to swish against her jawline. “Now, are we going, or what? The poor taxi driver has either given up and left or fallen asleep at the wheel.”

Olivia snatched up her clutch bag. “Yes, we’re going.”

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