Spawn Of The Vampire

By: Samantha Snow

A Paranormal Pregnancy Romance

About This Book

Shawna King had waited all her life for a man to sweep her off her feet but she didn't expect it to happen like this...

Victor Titus was the most handsome man she had ever met and when he seemed determined to seduce her, Shawna found it impossible to say no. An amazing night of passionate sex left Shawna wondering if she had met the man of her dreams.

However, by the next morning. He had vanished.

Now it is 9 months later and the only thing Shawna has to show for that amazing night is a beautiful baby.

Only problem is, she has no idea that the baby's father is a vampire and now the baby has been born he is about to walk back into her life with dramatic consequences....


Shawna King was the kind of woman that went to bars for one reason when she was alone and that was to find a guy that would take her mind off all of the terrible things that she had experienced and gone through recently. The most recent terrible experience was Tyler, the man who had sex with her and went around telling everyone about all of the things that she definitely did not do to him, but he still made it sound like it was true. Her old life was ruined, up in smoke and there was nothing that she could do about it. Everyone thought that she was a desperate slut and that meant that she was proving them right, but she didn’t care.

She didn’t care that this was dangerous and under the right mindset, she never would have done this. She never would have come out to this bar and looked at all of the men here, douche city and full of bros who thought women were jewelry for them to strut around with.

Shawna felt out of place in her decent dress that showed off her long legs and her ass well enough, but tonight, the bustier girls were getting a lot of the attention. She knew that they were wearing padded bras or push up bras from Victoria’s Secret. Shawna wasn’t ashamed that her breasts were average size and she didn’t need to wear a push up bra, but tonight, she was kind of wishing that she had.

Of course, she quickly realized that she was aiming too low, for shallow trash that she didn’t need in her life. If all they cared about were boobs, then she didn’t need them. Part of her wanted a serious relationship, but she was on cynical autopilot right now. Men were trash, relationships were doomed, blah, blah, blah; it was the same old thing that everyone with fresh wounds in their heart thought about.

She was desperate and so far, things were not going as planned. She was a quiet, soft-spoken woman who usually attracted domineering men who liked to coerce her into doing things she didn’t want to do.

They were the kind of guys who took her to sporting events or camping when all she wanted to do was to curl up on the couch and binge watch a show on Saturday before capping off the day with a session at the gym. She didn’t need adventure in her life and she didn’t want it there in the first place.

She had large, blue eyes and wavy red hair that got her a lot of attention, but usually from the wrong kind of guys. Douches tended to spook off any potential, quieter guys that she might actually have fun with.

Shawna was pretty enough to be intimidating, but she didn’t have the personality or the money to be someone that was fierce and hot. She was good-looking and approachable, but if she really went to work, she would be someone that men would drool over.

Of course, that was the kind of thing that could have been applied to any woman in the world and Shawna didn’t take too much heart from it. Sure, she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, but she knew she was attractive enough to be grateful for her abilities and her personality.

Sitting at the bar, she’d failed to capture the eyes of guys that she’d been checking out and who seemed quiet enough to consider luring in. Eye flirting only got her so far, though, when a bro would come out of the rafters and insist on buying her a Jaeger Bomb.

She would kindly refuse and they would call her a tease or something. She didn’t really care about it, but when she would look back to the guy she had been working on for the past half an hour at the bar, they would be gone or moved on to someone else.

She felt defeated and as she looked around the bar, she noticed that there wasn’t really anyone there that was sticking out to her. This wasn’t her night. She let out a heavy sigh and knew that she should have worn her middie dress that night. Men were no longer interested in the whole one bare shoulder look that she had mastered.