Stepbrother Obsessed

By: Devon Hartford

Chapter 1

The summer before my senior year in high school ends with a glorious bang.

Does the banging involve a ridiculously hot swoon-worthy guy, you ask?

Of course it does.

Sadly, most of my summer leading up to the glorious bang is spent studying for the SAT (a.k.a. the Stress.A.T.), not engaged in glorious banging. What a way to spend your summer, right? Tell me about it.

I’ll get to the juicy stuff in a second. So hold your panties. I promise, they’ll be dropping as quickly as mine did.

See, I only did okay when I took the SAT for the first time at the end of junior year. My dad insisted I take the test early, in case I needed to improve my score by taking it again senior year. I’m one of those students who has to work their butt off to get good grades. I’m also one of those students whose parents expect good grades whether I want to work my butt off or not. My dad is an overbearing ladyball buster. Luckily my stepmom Catarina is more laid back.

I did take Advanced Placement English Language & Composition last year and will take AP English Literature & Comp senior year (English is my best subject), but I’m not even close to being on the math or science fast track. I don’t know how those kids do it. Between my decent grades and not so decent SAT score, my college career at an upper tier university is still in question. My dad is none too happy about that. If I don’t get into a top ranked school, he will take it as a personal offense to our family name: Albright. Funny, huh? You know how parents always talk about “bright” kids? The smart ones? Yeah, I’m not one of those. I’m more of a street smarts girl.

Why don’t they have an SAT subject test for street smarts? I’d ace that.

Anyway, at the beginning of summer, Dad decreed that I would spend it enrolled in an SAT prep course. Yay. Not. He said I could quit the prep course early if I could consistently score 2,000 on the practice tests. 2,000?! Yes, my dad is a tyrant. Never happened. Half way through summer, he hired a math tutor to help out. Was it a sexy stud college guy math tutor? Was he my glorious bang? No. My tutor was this 14 year old home-schooled math genius named Marvin who looks 11. No banging involved. Ew. He was nice enough. Maybe a bit too impatient for my tastes. But there’s something about having some kid who’s way younger than you making you feel sucky at math that is not fun. So much for my summer vacation. The good news is I’m pretty confident when I retake the SAT this October, I’ll do much better, especially in math. Fingers crossed.

Okay, boring stuff out of the way.

Now that summer is almost over, I’m ready for a study break in a big bad way. I have to beg my dad to let me have the last week of summer vacation to myself. I remind him that even he gets three weeks of vacation every year, which is three times more than I’m asking for. Of course, he usually doesn’t take any time off. Yes, my dad is a workaholic. But with the help of Catarina, we convince Dad to let me out of SAT jail for a week.

Catarina is awesome, btw. Unlike my real long-gone mom, but that’s another story I’d rather not talk about. Sigh.

Okay, perk up! Big smiles!!

Aaaaaand… that leads me back to the glorious bang that happens at the tail end of my summer vacation. And it totally involves a smokin’ hot guy, not a nerdy math genius.

Ready for some steam?

Here’s how the banging starts.

First, picture the hottest surfer stud ever: tall, tan, bleach blond hair, broad muscled shoulders, rippling abs, slim hips.

Second, add tattoos.

Third, imagine yourself in his arms.

Got it?

Okay, go!

His hot body presses against mine in the cool water of the huge wave pool at Blazing Waters, the best water slide park in Los Angeles. My head spins from the most luscious, mind-altering kiss I’ve ever had. We’re still kissing and I never want to stop. His hard muscled arms envelope my waist in a hot embrace. I’m surprised the water isn’t boiling and steaming around us from our heat.

Hundreds of people frolic in the aqua blue water surrounding the two of us; laughing, hollering, and having a blast under the bright sun while waiting for the next wave to hit.

I don’t notice the crowd.

I only notice him.

He and I may as well be floating in a tropical blue ocean in the middle of a quiet paradise. There is only me, Mother Nature, and…

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