Surrendered to the Pack

By: Anna Craig

Wicked Wolf Shifters 1

Chapter 1

Cassie's entire body trembled in a combination of terror and the undercurrent of an undeniable hunger. Despite the knee-shaking jitters, she forced herself to keep walking. This was her destiny, and she would face it like the strong, self-assured woman she was.

Even if she passed out from sheer panic during it. She would just keep moving in some sort of zombie state. One foot in front of the other, even though she would be in a dead faint. Right.

A tiny giggle erupted from her, drawing a fierce scowl from the huge, imposing, sexier-than-anything-she'd-ever-seen-in-her-life alpha wolf waiting for her. Waiting for her while flanked by his equally huge, equally sexy packmates. The wolves who would now be her packmates. Her masters. The ones who held the future of her family and her entire town in their lethal paws.

The ones to whom she'd just been surrendered as Wicked Mountain's latest sacrifice in order to keep the peace for at least another century.

“Is something funny to you?” Wicked Mountain Wolf Pack Alpha Trevor Reginald's deep voice rumbled across the meadow, effectively silencing the background noises of people shifting on their feet, clothes rustling, quiet murmurs as they watched the ancient ceremony play out in the twilight of the longest day of the year. Cassie's parents stood halfway between her and the wolves, their hopeful faces suddenly masked in utter horror as they stared at their idiot daughter.

Cassie stopped in her tracks, also horrified. Her heart hammered against her chest as a feeling of ice water being slowly poured over her body drenched her in even deeper fear. Oh, shit. She couldn't alienate them already. They could punish her for being disobedient. She'd heard stories about the women taken by the pack. Some of the stories were less Fifty Shades sexy, more Brothers Grimm deadly. After all, these guys really were the monsters of legend.

“N-no, sir,” she managed to stutter out. Her voice sounded tiny in the appalled silence. “I'm just a little n-nervous. I'm so s-sorry.” She swallowed against the dryness in her mouth. Trying to steady her wire-tight nerves, she managed to utter ceremonial words without tripping over them. “This is a magnificent honor, and I deeply appreciate your choice in me as a pack surrender.”

He regarded her with a long, unblinking stare. The power and strength behind it hit her with a force like a tsunami. Against her will, she looked at the ground. She wasn't a werewolf, but his immense powers worked on her regardless. He was about to be her alpha, and she had no choice but to bow to him.

Not to mention, she had no choice but to do whatever he wanted her to do. From the stories she'd heard all her life, he'd be wanting her to do a lot of things, most of them involving her being completely naked and at his mercy. Also at the mercy of the rest of his male packmates. Because somehow, it was essential to both the pack, and the town.

Daring to glance up, although not at Trevor, Cassie took a good look at the two other wolf shifters ranged beside and slightly behind him. One was as bright and light as Trevor was dark and brooding. Blond hair cut close to his scalp gave him a military look, but his expression was open and welcoming as he kept his own gaze on Cassie. Seeing her look directly at him, he smiled, then took in a leisurely examination of her body. She shivered a bit in response, though the outdoor temperature still hovered near seventy degrees despite the fact the sun would soon set. Her very simple, very sheer little dress left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Ceremonial attire, it was sleeveless, deeply v-necked, and landed about mid-thigh. Oh, and it was also pretty much see-through. Her ample assets were on full display, especially with the last rays of light slanting directly on her like a spotlight.

The blond wolf looked back up at her and winked, after which he ran his tongue over his upper lip in the classic suggestive gesture. In spite of her fear she'd royally pissed off the most alpha leader, she felt a bolt of wet desire between her legs. The blond wolf was Mac. Legend had it he was very, very talented with his fingers. And his lips. And everything else he had at his disposal. Which was supposedly extremely...large.

The powerful arms crossed over Mac's chest flexed and unflexed. Cassie had a sudden vision of being held down by those arms as the other wolves had their way with her, one licking her wet cunt as the other rammed his enormous cock into her from behind. The scene was so detailed, so abrupt, she knew it had come from him. He was sending images into her mind. A gasp caught in her throat, and she felt more hot slickness pooling between her legs. The satisfied smile on his face told her she was right. Yes, indeed, werewolves were undeniably powerful.

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