Suspicion: Kingdom of Ara Episode Two

By: Nicholas Bella
 (New Haven Series Book 17)

Chapter One


“We’re going to be making a detour to Orion,” I told Dante, who only nodded as he stared at me with his beautiful green eyes. I had to say, sometimes my Father knew what was best for me. He knew I’d want to keep Dante after I embraced him. Dante was his gift to me. I saw that now. I turned towards the window, watching the scenery pass us by, but I still felt my youngest son’s gaze on me. I looked at him. “What?”

“I heard the whole conversation, Sir. Do you think one of your vampires killed a werewolf?” Dante asked, though I could read his every thought and saw the wheels spinning in his mind. He found this predicament exciting, and was looking forward to seeing a vampire punished. I was thinking he’d make a magnificent General, and Noel would no doubt help keep him in line.

“As a future General of my city, you will be wise to never rule anything out, no matter how unsettling the idea is.”

I transmitted the message telepathically to my driver that we were making a detour. This wasn’t a meeting I wanted to have, but it was necessary. I needed to see for myself, this so-called murdered wolf of his, and see the marks Josef claimed were from the vampire who killed his pack member. I didn’t like the implications that wolf bastard made, but if one of my vampires killed his wolf, that was going to be a problem.

“Do you have anything I can clean myself up with, Sir?” Dante asked as he looked down at his blood and cum covered chest and studded leather harness.

I smirked as I looked at him. He looked every bit as savage and sexy as a vampire of his caliber should. I shook my head. “Why would you want to? Are you ashamed to wear your glory all over your face and body?”

Dante sighed. “I hardly think this is my glory, Sir.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “But isn’t it? The blood and flesh of your victim and the seed of your spent passion are things to be proud of. I think you look beautiful. I’m not ashamed to have you at my side in public looking the way you do, so you shouldn’t be either.”

“I’m not used to walking around like this, Sir.” He continued to protest, to my utter disappointment.

“Neither was Noel, but then he got used to it, as you will, too. The answer is no. When we walk into that meeting with Josef, I want him to see how savage you are. You’re a threat to them, Dante, you’re a threat to any being that dares to make themselves my enemy. Wear that gore and cum on your chest like armor. Make me proud of you tonight.”

He turned away from me, looking out of the window, but not before I heard his mental argument claiming it was easy for me to feel that way, I wasn’t the one looking like a hot fucking mess. My first thought was to discipline him for the insult, but I decided to let it slide. My boys needed to have some musings to themselves, even if they pissed me off. He also needed to learn from experiencing life as a vampire to see exactly what I meant. In many ways, Dante was very different from Noel, but they also had their similarities. It would be wise to allow them to bond more, seeing as they were so close in age. First thing I needed to do was remove the object standing between their bond growing. Romeo. But that was something to deal with later.

For now, I had more important matters to discuss with him.

“Dante, when we arrive at our destination, I want you to examine the body that we’re going to check out. A wolf’s sense of smell rivals all other supes and I’m guessing yours is especially exceptional. Your job will be to see if you can pick up any recognizable scents I cannot.”

He was watching me now, and the thoughts that were going through his head were a mixture of curiosity and lust. He wanted to fuck me again and couldn’t quite put his finger on the reason why. “Yes, Sir,” he replied. “Do you want me to tell you right then and there if I smell anything or keep it quiet, Sir?”

“Tell me there. I want Josef to see that I have nothing to hide, nor am I plotting against him if one of my vampires did happen to kill his wolf.”

“You want to avoid a war with him?” he asked.

“Come again?” I arched an eyebrow as I glared at him.

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