Taking a Dare:A Hellion MC Novel

By: J.A. Hornbuckle

Chapter One


"Listen to me," he urged on a hard whisper, his head dipping down close to her ear. His forearms, his elbows were gripping her shoulders tightly as he poised the helmet over the top of her head. Hating, absolutely loathing to drop it completely so that the visor would cut her beautiful face off from his view, the sides of it cutting her off from his voice.

"I'm head over heels with you, sugar. Real and true." His voice was only a raspy whisper which he hoped she could hear above the pipes of twelve motorcycles coming alive. "You're mine and I'm yours. Forever, yeah?"

His brown eyes searched her aqua ones and saw the same sense of loss, the same silhouette of devastation that his heart was twisted into.

"You turn eighteen and you are mine. Mine! Do you understand?"

He watched her eyes close, the tears streaming from them before she nodded.

"I'll always love you, " she whispered as she pointed her beautiful lips towards his neither of them caring who watched as they shared one last kiss, all thoughts of the helmet in his hands forgotten.

She turned away, situating the head guard as she slung her leg up and over her brother's ride, looping arms around the other man's slim waist.

But her visor was always turned toward him as she moved.

As she left him.

"I love you," he murmured as he watched the motorcycle move away from him. Feeling his heart leave his chest as it followed her trajectory. "Always. Nobody but you. Ever."

Chapter Two


"Bring your leg higher, babe," he instructed, his hips never losing their rhythm as he worked himself in and out of leggy blonde spread out on the mattress beneath him. But he probably should've moved his head away before he spoke, since the only thing it had gotten him was a mouth full of her hair and whatever gunk she used on it.

"But when I do that you go too deep and too fast, Dare," came the complaint from someplace around his collarbone. "I don't like doing it that way."

He stilled his churning hips and came up with his elbows on her mattress to look at January with an eyebrow canted. While he loved talking during fucking, her goddamn criticisms had to go.

Christ! Being with her was starting to become more trouble than it was worth.

"Then you fuckin' drive." Wrapping his arms around her waist, he turned them without losing the connection until his back was flat on the bed. She adjusted her legs, her knees bracketing his hips and their movements resumed. It wasn't his favorite position and he knew it would take him longer to get his. Especially if she kept up with the slow, shallow shit. But, it would have to do because at that moment all he wanted was to get his nut and get gone.

"I think we need more lube," January advised, reaching for the bottle on the nightstand.

More? Hell, he felt like he was wearing half the bottle already and wondered why, if she was so into it, they even needed the crap in the first place.

No, it wasn't working for him at all.

It was then Dare knew he was done with Miss January Gillespie, one of the pole dancers at Tomatoes, a local strip club in Missoula. The novelty of the exotic dancer and her amazing tits had worn right the fuck off. He felt himself begin to soften inside her and wondered if he was even going to be able to hit it now that he knew he was done with her.

January was not his usual type so he should've been surprised that he'd been around her for as long as he had. But those tits. Damn!

All his Hellion brothers referred to her as 'cement tits' for the way her big breasts never moved. Boobs she swore were 100% home-grown but real ones fuckin' had action for god's sake. Not hers, though. They stayed completely and totally in one position with no bobble, no sway, not even the tiniest jiggle no matter if she was working the brass pole or working him.

Plus, the way they felt underneath his hands? Yeah, completely and totally still, just like hard mounds. No give, no squishiness that gave a man pleasure in the fondling. Just his hand and hard albeit warm flesh with tips. Nipples she had not shown any reaction to when he'd tried working them. Not to his twists, tweaks or flicks. Nada.

But it had been her chest that had been the only thing that had kept his interest for the last few months. Had to have been because it sure hadn't been her personality. Too serious about both her job and her studies at the Uni. Not enough smiles or laughs for his taste. Always looking down on the other dancers and making sure he knew she was better than the other girls. That she was better than Missoula and probably better than him.

Also By J.A. Hornbuckle

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