The Bearfield Baby Heist(26)

By: Jacqueline Sweet


Joy Brooks Morrissey was born on May fifth, two thousand and sixteen. She was eight pounds even and twenty-two inches long. She was in perfect health and possessed a very impressive head of hair for an infant.

She shifted for the first time at only eighteen months, which Matt assured everyone was a new record even though it wasn’t.

A prophecy uttered at the time of her birth by Shawna Killdeer went something like this.

“On this day, Joy has come to Bearfield. She will bring happiness to all she meets until the day of her nineteenth birthday, when her heart will be stolen by a thief and locked away in a distant land. For a year and day, no one will smile or laugh in the great town of Bearfield, not until her heart is found and returned by her fated mate.”

But that’s a story for another time.

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