The Binding - Bred to the Demon

By: Madelene Martin
The Binding - Bred to the Demon (Rough Reluctant Monster Breeding Erotica)

An Excerpt From the Book

Leah began to gasp and pant, her breath hitching and her hips beginning to move of their own accord. She'd never felt such sensations! Every time his fingers explored her she froze in anticipation, wondering if he would finally thrust them inside. Her body was so alight with desire that she almost wanted it.

Why had no one ever told her it felt so good to be touched like this? She never would have waited so long, had she known. And now instead, her virtue would be taken by this monster. This animalistic demon who could take her control away completely, and make her feel so... so wickedly good even as he robbed her of her innocence.

He seemed to be delighting in her torment, of course, taking his time so as to draw out her suffering.

Finally he pulled back, letting her hair go, and she gasped at the sudden absence of sensation. He gave her a warning push as if to tell her to stay down. She did - supported on her elbows, her eyes clenched shut as he ran his fingers up and down her back, massaged her ass firmly in his great hands, and then gripped her hips firmly.

She tensed up all over again, alarmed. What was he doing? She sensed him bend down, and suddenly his tongue was on her, hot and wet on the back of her thigh. She jerked sharply, and he growled and tightened his hold on her hips, his claws pricking into her.

All she could do was whimper as he trailed his long tongue over her, finally reaching her sex. He spread her with his hands, and she felt him lightly lick her - running his tongue along her slit and tasting her juices. He made a purring moan of pleasure, and Leah half-sobbed, half moaned as his tongue delved deep inside her folds.

As he explored, licking and sucking, her breath began to quicken again. She cursed him - and cursed herself - under her breath as his tongue found her clit and shivers of intense sensation jolted through her body.

He purred against her skin, his hot breath and his tongue teasing her, and she sensed it was bringing her closer and closer to some unknown edge. He seemed to be delighting in this - whether enjoying her pleasure, her torment or both, she no longer knew.

The Binding – Bred to the Demon

“Mistress, please, may I go?” Leah begged, using all of her will not to break down sobbing.

Her mentor, the old witch Adela, sighed heavily and held her bony hand up before the pleading girl. “I already told you.” She croaked. “There is nothing that can be done.”


“Child!” The old witch cut her off, the weakness gone from her voice. She was remarkably commanding when she needed it to be, even though she was near a hundred and twenty years old. “Nothing can help your brother. His malady is not one that can be cured by our remedies. And neither you or I are strong enough to do what you are contemplating. I am too old and weak, and you are too inexperienced.”

Leah bit her lip, knowing she was skating on thin ice. The old woman would backhand her – and deservedly so, she knew - if she kept it up.

But her brother lay dying at home from a wasting disease even as they spoke. It was something no one had been able to identify, and all the potent tricks and cures in the healers' stores had done nothing. Soon, he would succumb, and her father would be left with no one to help run his farm. Having lost his wife – Leah's mother – a couple of years ago, the girl feared it might be too much for her father to bear.

Leah was in her fifth year as an apprentice to the village healer. She was a good student, with a natural aptitude for herbs and alchemy, and empathy that meant she spent almost every waking hour of her days mixing medicines, tending the village's ills, mediating in disputes, running errands and telling fortunes.

Her hedge-witchery was leaps and bounds ahead of what could be expected of an of eighteen year-old apprentice, and she devoured every book on the subject with an insatiable interest. She had successfully contacted the recently departed on behalf of their families, and sought advice from the netherworld on multiple occasions. She had conjured minor demons and bound them to her will without a second thought, extracting secrets and information.

So why shouldn't she just go a little further?

“I know how to do it.” She said quietly, after a moment to compose herself.

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