The Birth of a Porn Star

By: Fh John
Defying Daddy’s Wishes

Chapter 1

Calendar Audition

“Are you sure this audition is legit? It’s for a real calendar, right?”

“Positive,” I lied. “Why?”

She turned in the seat of our rented car and gave me a suspicious look.

“Why is it in Florida?”

“That’s where it is,” I said. “I don’t know why.”

She folded her arms and glared at me. “You’re not lying to me, are you?”

“Why are you saying that?” I was trying very hard not to sweat, but the Florida sun wasn’t making it easy and the heat of her questions was making it even harder. If I let the truth slip out now, before we got to the audition, she was sure to back out.

“I talked to Lindsey before we left. She says that pornos are made in Florida now. I told her she was crazy. I told her that everybody knows pornos are made in California, but she’s says that’s wrong. She says the actors have to wear condoms in California and they don’t in Florida, so now almost all pornos are made in Florida. Is that true, Jacob?”

“It might be,” I said, trying to play innocent. “How would I know.”

“Because! You know everything about porn! God, why did I have to start going out with such a pervert.”

“Hey!” I said. “I got you into this audition, didn’t I. You said you wanted to be a model, right? Well. I got you an audition.”

“I’m not doing porn, Jacob. I mean it.”

“This is just a calendar, Sarah. I swear.”

“What kind of Calendar? And don’t lie. I always know when you’re lying.”

Not always, I thought.

“Well, it is an adult Calendar,” I lamented, knowing that she would figure that out anyway.

“I knew it,” she said. “Turn the car around! I mean it.”

“Relax, Sarah. You’re gorgeous. Perfect even. You might have to go topless. So what? You have to start your career somewhere, right? You can’t just expect to step right into the business and walk right into being a supermodel for a ritzy magazine.”

“Just topless?” she asked suspiciously.

“Yeah. This is a classy shoot, Sarah. They only do quality stuff.”

“You promise? My dad would kill me if it was anything more than that. Kill me, Jacob. He would literally bend me over and whip me until I bled.”

“Oh, he would not. Besides. He’ll never find out. He’s too square to look at girly calendars.”

“What if one of his friends sees it.”

“They’re just as square as he is. Nobody will know.”

“I’m a daddy’s girl, Jacob. I couldn’t stand it if he hated me.”

“He won’t find out,” I said.

Chapter 2

Porn Star Fantasy

I know it was bad to lie to her the way I was, but it had always been my dream to date a porn star. There were two ways I could have accomplished my dream. I could move to Florida and try to sweep an already established porn star off her feet, but I didn’t feel very confident about that. Porn stars can have any guy they want, and I’m average. I’m not rich and I’m not what women consider a ‘bad boy’ or even sexy. I’m just a guy.

A more realistic way to achieve my goal was to find a really pretty girl and get her into the business. Producers are always on the hunt for new talent and as long as the girl can be considered cute, she’s shoe in. They cycle through women quick, so the standards aren’t that high.

I got lucky with Sarah. She wasn’t just cute. Of course, when we first got together, she didn’t know how pretty she was. She didn’t dress pretty. She didn’t do her hair nice. She didn’t hang out with the pretty girls, she hung out with the ordinary girls. With a little encouragement from a guy, she quickly began to blossom and as it turned out, she was pretty close to being a ten. She just kept her beauty buried. In no time at all, I had her dressing a little sexier and as she started getting a little more attention from guys, she began to realize that she did have it in the looks department and she even had a bit of a naughty side, which made it a lot easier to convince her that she could, if she really wanted, be a model.

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