The Boss's Pet:Sharing Among Friends(45)

By: Tonya Kinzer

“My sessions went well. The Masters were respectful. Things went as expected and I learned more with each one. I am ready for a break though. I don’t know how some can live that twenty-four-seven. That takes a lot I would think.”

“Which is why I don’t. I have a business to run and need to concentrate on that when I’m at the office, but I do enjoy the distraction when I go on vacation. Thank you for joining me. I certainly look forward to more of them with you.”

“I do, too. The next few days will be fun to do sightseeing. One thing does pick at my brain...Jake’s comment about our next party when we visit again.”

Nick burst out laughing and pulled her closer. “He just wants to be the one to break you in, I’m sure! Don’t let that weigh on your mind, okay?”

She hugged him close and laced her fingers through his hair, pulling him in for a deep kiss. He comforted her when she needed it, loved that he wanted her with him and loved that his hands moved over her ass, pulling her on top of him.

“Parts of me want to keep you awake while you’ve exhausted other parts of me.” Nick kissed her nose.

“Then perhaps it’s a good time for me to tie you down and take what I want!”

To Be Continued…

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