The Dick Next Door(4)

By: Simone Sowood

I let him hold me tight against his strong chest and even wrap my own arms around his muscular frame.

He’s tall, and my head nestled against his chest. I listen to his heart, the beating is fast and racing the same way my own heart is. I’ve never felt such an instant connection to someone before.

“Lily,” Max says.

Looking up, my eyes once again connect with his and I feel that jolt run through me again. It seems like he’s going to say something else, but doesn’t.

Unnerved, I let go of him and back away.

“Well, I should let you get your work done,” I say.

“We haven’t finished our beers yet.”

The Corona is still gripped in my hand and I look at it as if noticing it for the first time. I take a drink, wishing it were something stronger.

“Okay, let’s sit at the table,” I say, realizing the furniture in the living room is coated in plastic sheeting.

We sit at the table, sipping our beers. The conversation with Max is easy, and when we finish our beers I find myself automatically getting two more from the fridge.

Before I realize it, we finished the six pack. Whatever instant attraction I had for Max has only grown.

Chapter 3

Aside from how hot he is, the conversation is easy and I’m totally comfortable in his presence.

“Do you have any plans for dinner tonight?” Max asks, quirking a brow at me.

Heat rushes through me at the thought of spending more time with him.

“None whatsoever.”

“Good, let’s order pizza.”

“Don’t you have any more jobs to do?”

“They can wait.”

We order a double pepperoni pizza, and I open a bottle of Merlot while we wait for it to arrive. I arrive back at the table with the open bottle and two wine glasses. Max stands, and takes the items from my hands and sets them on the table.

He stands close to me and I inhale his manly scent. Leaning over, he breathes me in, and stands tall.

Max moves to the living area, and rips the plastic sheeting from my couch. Dust flies through the air from the action.

Sitting on the couch, he pats the seat beside him, motioning for me to sit. Without hesitating, I sit. My body buzzes where our legs touch. He drapes his arm over my shoulder, and I lean into him.

Our closeness has my body buzzing and seemingly on fire everywhere we’re touching. Feeling bold, I rest my head against his shoulder.

We get lost in our conversation, and I lose all track of time.

“Wait,” Max says.

In a flash, he stands and strides the front door. I watch helplessly as he moves through it.

A moment later, Max is back in the room carrying a pizza box. His face beams in a broad smile, and there’s a hunger in his eyes. But the hunger seems to be for me and not our dinner.

“I saw the car pull in the driveway.”

I get two plates from the kitchen and pour two glasses of Merlot. Wine and pizza, a strange combination but I’m out of beer. The only other thing I have in the apartment is orange juice.

We sit back on the couch to eat. We talk all the way through dinner, until the pizza is finished. I only eat three pieces, but Max polishes off the rest of it. When the pizza is gone, Max puts his arm around me and pulls me back into him.

We carry on talking long after the wine is finished and the sun has set. Although Max energizes me, my body is still exhausted from all of the interrupted sleep. My eyelids are heavy and I struggle to keep them open.

“It’s getting late,” I say, leaning forward and turning to look at him.

He smooths my hair away from my face, my skin tingling where his fingers come into contact with my skin. My breathing is so fast that I worry I might pass out.

Pulling me to stand, he cradles the back of my head and once again our eyes lock. Leaning, he brushes his lips against my forehead and my cheek.

Our kiss is tentative at first but soon becomes frantic and hungry. He continues to grip my head, and slides his other arm around the small of my back and pushes me tight against him. Max is hard and makes no attempt to hide the size of his dick digging in to my front.

My walls flood with raw desire. The longer he kisses me, the needier I become. I think my panties might actually dissolve from the heat between my legs.

He releases my head, and rubs his calloused hands over my body. Over my shoulders, down the curve of my waist, on to the roundness of my ass. I moan in delight at the way he make me feel.

Also By Simone Sowood

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