The Duke's Match Girl(Fiery Tales Series)(2)

By: Lila DiPasqua

Though Leo and his brothers kept little from each other, Suzanne was not a subject he’d ever discussed with them. That wasn’t because he didn’t know how delicious she was.

In truth, he did. He knew every last mouthwatering inch of her.

He knew more than just her body and the sweet spots that made her melt and moan for him. He knew her deepest secrets. Her hopes and dreams. The sweet way she’d tug on her ear whenever she was nervous or deep in thought. And the way she’d tangle a finger in one of her silky curls and absently play with the strand when she was engrossed in a book. Though he hadn’t laid eyes on her in years, he could effortlessly recall that little crinkle that would form on her brow whenever a pensive expression shaped her comely features.

Christ, he could effortlessly recall countless memories of her.

And he was sick and tired of battling them back.

She was ten years of age when first she came to live at Château Montbrison with her father, then the newly appointed official physician of the d’Ermart family.

Leo was twelve.

He’d been immediately taken aback by the pretty, spirited girl who had marched straight up to him upon their first introduction, flouting convention and forgetting her place, despite her father’s gentle admonishment. She had a habit of speaking to Leo with a bluntness no one else ever dared use. She’d never placated him simply because he was the heir to a duchy. Or to win favor, as others did. And she could climb a tree—all while in skirts—as fast as he and his brothers. Always eager to prove she was just as clever and brave as any boy.

They became instant allies, and friends.

A smile tugged hard at the corners of Leo’s mouth as their childhood mischief flitted through his mind. He and Suzanne were constantly aggravating the servants. Peeping over countertops, they’d snatch food off the trays, food meant for his parents or guests—just for the fun of it—then race off into the extensive gardens at Montbrison for private picnics. He’d spent hours lying beside her on the grass staring up at the sky, utterly charmed and entertained as he listened to the random scientific facts she’d relay—whatever happen to manifest at that moment in her bright mind. She had devoured the books in her father’s personal library voraciously. And those in the large library at Montbrison.

Normally, prattle about science would have bored him beyond measure.

But there was absolutely nothing boring about the very unique Suzanne Matchet.

And on one Christmas Eve—eight years after they first met—their relationship progressed from the best of friends…

To lovers.

“Will you look at him, Daniel?” Bernard said, motioning to Leo with a jerk of his chin. “He’s practically smiling. The sex must be excellent.”

Daniel strolled over to Bernard and propped his elbow on Bernard’s shoulder. “Yes, and he still has not shared the tantalizing tidbits.”

Oh, there were definitely tantalizing tidbits.

And excellent wasn’t a strong enough word to accurately describe what had transpired between them that extraordinary night.

She’d tasted so good. She’d felt incredible; he couldn’t get enough of the delectable clench of her hot, silky sex squeezing around his thrusting prick. And those exquisite little spasms of her vaginal walls rippling down his length as she came on his cock were nothing short of mind-melting.

But that wasn’t all.

The physical ecstasy wasn’t the only thing that had made the sexual experience so astounding.

It was the emotions that he hadn’t felt before—or since—during sex.

At a time when he’d normally be reveling in pure lust, he’d been inundated with soft emotions, intensifying the encounter in ways he’d never anticipated. Heightening the hunger. And spiking each and every sensation that swamped his body.

It was the most unforgettable experience of his life.

And Lord knew he’d done everything in his power to forget it—and her.

He’d spent the last seven years drowning himself in every vice just to purge her from his system.

And failed miserably.

He didn’t know when the exact moment was, when precisely it happened. But somewhere along the way, she’d stolen his heart.

Also By Lila DiPasqua

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