The Fighter's Secretary

By: Ann Mayburn

Chapter 1

Dallas Ortega glanced over at his chief of security, Richie Wells, and let out a long sigh. “Did you find out who stole the nipple clamps?”

They were in Dallas’s office on the top floor of one of the best office buildings in downtown Miami. The space had a killer view of the ocean, and was a far cry from the ghetto of Chicago where he’d grown up. On the wall hung various pictures of him in different tournaments during his time as a professional fighter, along with mementos from his seven-year career using his fists to make his fortune. But thanks to one concussion too many those days were behind him now and he’d successfully made the transition from fighter to businessman. Well, financially he’d made the transition, personally he’d never be comfortable with wearing a suit and sitting behind a big desk all day. Thankfully he had a great staff working for him that took care of the boring bullshit so he could focus on trying out new products and inventing new gear and equipment for fighters.

But someone with access to his office had stolen a six-thousand-dollar diamond and gold pair of nipple clamps out of his desk. He’d ordered them ten months ago for his skank ex-girlfriend, Tammy, before he’d found out she was a cheating bitch. It didn’t take her long to show her true colors by fucking one of Dallas’s old rivals in the UFC, Kyle. But now they were gone and he had no idea who could have taken them.

When the nipple clamps had arrived a couple weeks ago he’d admired them, then tossed them into his desk, not wanting to deal with the painful memories they brought up. But now one of his friends in the lifestyle wanted to buy them and they were nowhere to be found. It was like anything that had to do with Tammy was cursed.

Just the thought of his ex made his stomach lurch. Tammy lived for the press and attention that came from dating a UFC champ and now that Dallas was retired he couldn’t provide her with the fame that she craved like a drug. She was the ultimate arm candy, a former ring girl and supermodel beautiful. She was also a master manipulator and loved drama. When they’d been together he hadn’t realized just how much she’d been pretending to be someone she wasn’t, but less than a day after he’d announced he was retiring for good she was fucking Kyle and preening on his arm at press conferences. Turns out she’d been screwing a bunch of UFC fighters behind Dallas’s back and he was just thankful he’d never had unprotected sex with her.

Fucking bitch.

Richie cleared his throat, drawing Dallas back to the present, and an uncharacteristic flush burned on his chief of security’s tanned cheeks as he glanced behind him as if to make sure the door to Dallas’s office was closed. “Yeah, I found out who took them, but…it’s not like you think. And you can’t be fucking pissed off at me when you see the surveillance footage. You asked me to find out who did it, and I did. But I’ll let you know right now that you have the only copy of it and I will never speak of it again.”

Disconcerted, Dallas leaned forward and nailed Richie with a glare that had made more than one grown man tremble in fear. “What’s going on?”

Running both his hands through his blond hair, Richie lifted his chin in the direction of the monitor on Dallas’s desk. “Well, it’s no secret how crazy possessive you are of your secretary.”

“Amanda is not my secretary,” came Dallas’s automatic reply. “She’s my personal assistant. If she hears you call her my secretary she’ll have your balls in her purse.”

“Look, man, just watch the tape. And remember, I didn’t know what was going to be on it.”

“Wait, are you saying Amanda took them?”

Disbelief filled his voice and he immediately rejected the idea. If there was one thing he knew it was that his prim and proper secretary wouldn’t jaywalk, let alone steal from him. Amanda was as straight as they came, a good, classy woman to the core and so far out of his league that it wasn’t funny.

Being not only the head of his security but also his best friend, Richie was more than aware of Dallas’s one-sided attraction to the beautiful woman. When she first started working for him six months ago he’d hit on her and been shot down time and time again. She saw him as nothing more than a muscle-head man-whore, and he had to admit that he’d slept with more than his fair share of very willing women after his breakup with Tammy. He wished he could go back in time and not come off like such a player when they first met, but that wasn’t going to happen.

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