The Kinky Side of Scrooge

By: Veronica Cane

Chapter One

Perhaps he was getting too old for this. Or maybe he had just lost the capability to be thrilled by it. His last relationships had been a succession of repeated acts and actions that no longer were able to warm him within. He hadn’t experienced the thrill of being with a new submissive in a long time, they all seemed to be alike, to want the same things and act the same way. Not even trying new toys, new kinks, and new devices had the power to make him feel happy.

Sometimes he was tempted to stop trying, to stop looking. The only thing that stopped him from doing so was the knowledge that going back to a vanilla world would only lead to more boredom, to more frustration and to more loneliness.

"Hi Alec, where's Adele?" His friend, James, joined him at the bar, patting his shoulder before sitting in the stall next to him.

"Hey, James. I'm fine thank you, what about you? How's everything going?" he answered in a monotone. "I would appreciate being asked that, before having my private life assaulted," he added with a self-deprecating grimace.

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry," James said, with a grin that showed he wasn’t sorry at all. "So, how are you, and where's Adele?" he repeated, teasing.

Alec shook his head, amused at how beyond help his friend's behavior was.

"I'm fine, thank you, and I believe Adele should be in the loving arms of her new Dom," he answered, looking straight ahead at the countless bottles lined up behind the bar. Mark, the bartender, rushed to and fro, getting people their orders, with the help of two beautiful slaves who loved to help him.

"You lost another sub? Man, I think you're losing your touch," James replied, obviously teasing him, but deep down Alec admitted to himself that it pretty much described the situation. He had lost his last submissive to a Dom still wearing diapers, but according to Adele, the man had much more to offer her than he did. And so, he was alone again.

"Perhaps I should dedicate myself to meditation; I might be more successful in that field," he said, with yet another grimace.

"You have not been able to keep a submissive for longer than two or three months since Jasmine died in that car accident," his friend said, poking the wound.

Alec's face assumed his usual stoic look, and he pretended he hadn’t heard his friend's conclusion. What nobody knew, was that the night Jasmine died, she was also leaving him. She had had enough of his lack of emotions and feelings, of his incapacity to make commitments and put his heart into the relationship.

Things were going bad, even back then.

"And where's Hannah? She didn’t come with you tonight?" he asked instead, looking for the explosive redheaded brat that had become his friend's wife and submissive.

James’ face lit up with a broad smile before he answered.

"She wasn’t feeling very well tonight. You know they say: the first three months can be very difficult."

Alec looked at him puzzled for a second before he understood what the other man was saying.

"Hannah is pregnant?" he asked to confirm.

"Yes, six weeks now, can you believe it?" James answered showing all his pride and happiness.

"I see." And that was the only thing Alec managed to say. He didn’t like Hannah. He thought she was nothing but a fraud, a gold digger who pretended to be a submissive just to hook his gullible friend.

"Aren't you going to congratulate me?" James asked, showing his hurt, in the face of his friend's non-reaction.

Alec sighed, and turned to face James.

"I guess that if it makes you happy, then I'm happy for you," he said, choosing his words carefully. After all James was his oldest friend.

"Man, I hate to see that Hannah is right about you. You've become a cold shell of the man that used to be my friend," James ranted, shaking his head in disbelief. "You're pushing everybody away from you. No wonder no one sticks around you anymore."

Alec thought about defending himself from James' accusations, but he simply was too tired.

He stood up and left the club, heading home. The night had been a total waste of time and as if that wasn't enough, he had lost one of his best friends.

Outside the club, he looked around for a taxi. It was a cold, damp night, with thick fog that perfectly matched his dark mood.

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