The Nasty Vamp:The Dragos Clan 00(4)

By: Gail Koger

“Stop saving that spoiled brat. Let the damned vampires eat her.”

“Can't, she's family.”

With a snort of disgust, she sorted through a rack of dresses. “You are going to let me do your makeup, right?”

“Sure, I guess a little makeup couldn't hurt.”

A short while later I stared in stunned disbelief at my image in the mirror. Wow! I looked hot, sexy. Who would have thought it? Roxy's skillfully applied makeup emphasized my gray eyes and full lips. The long black wig hid my distinctive silver blonde hair and gave me an almost exotic air.

The shimmering black mini dress clung lovingly to my curves. Thankfully the long sleeves and black tights hid my horde of bruises. The heels on the knee-high velvet boots added a few inches to my height and were a perfect hiding place for my silver knives. I quickly added my special jewelry; dangly earrings that were actually UV grenades and a necklace loaded with detachable globes of vampire mace.

My dog collar kinda spoiled the effect but maybe everyone would think it was a Goth thing. Picking up the small silver purse; I tucked my cell phone, sunglasses, handy dandy skunk bomb and a small spray bottle of holy water inside.

Roxy ran a practiced eye over me and grinned. “You look damned good.”

“You're a miracle worker.”

“Honey, you're far prettier than Bambi. Why do you think she hates you so much?”

“She doesn't hate me.”

“Then why is she trying to get you killed?”



“Jealousy, huh? I'll admit I'm a better fighter but she's got me beat in the boobs department.”

“Honey, in a couple of years those puppies will be hanging down around her knees.”

A laugh broke from me. “Good point. Wish me luck.”

Roxy gave me a fierce hug. “Be careful.”

“Careful is my middle name.”

The Cathouse was decked out like a French bordello. The deep red walls were adorned with black and white antique photos. Human women in sheer lingerie danced on elevated boxes while scantly clad waitresses delivered drinks aptly named Triple Orgasm and Hard On.

I quickly planted my vampire mace around the room and scanned the crowded dance floor for Bambi or McGregor. There he was, towering over everyone, six-foot six of solid muscle but he moved with the fluid grace of a natural predator.

Omigod, he was wearing a kilt! Who would have thought a skirt on a guy could be so hot? The soft leather boots emphasized his massive thighs and muscles rippled under his white silk shirt. Did they have steroids back in the Dark Ages?

My gaze settled on his long silky black hair and my stomach clenched. Crap, warrior's braids. McGregor only wore his braids when he was hunting me. Guess I was on the menu, tonight.

I eyed his harshly masculine face. Why did the arrogant prick have to be so damned good looking? Shit. After all he had done to me I was still attracted to him. Was that sick or what?

McGregor's electric blue gaze settled on me for a brief moment and a shocking heat clenched my lower muscles. Wowzer! Talk about sexual magnetism. He had it in spades and any woman he set in his sights was a goner. Believe me, I knew. After eight hundred years of practice he made Don Juan look like a choir boy.

A hyena laugh shattered my lust filled thoughts. My cousin could raise the dead with that laugh. I watched her gyrate around Ian and winced.

Bambi's version of dirty dancing consisted of rubbing her butt against McGregor's crotch. The big, bad vampire looked more annoyed than turned on.

If you don't want to fuck her sire, give her to me. I'd like to get me a taste of those sweet tits. Bury myself deep in her pussy and ride her till she screams.

Yuck. Listening in on men's mind talk was worse than reading one of those erotic romance books.

You can have her, Ajax. Her incessant prattling is worse than old Martha's.

McGregor forcibly turned her around and yanked her face up. His pale blue eyes glowed brightly and I groaned. He had just put the whammy on Bambi.

I danced closer.

“Did you bring a current photo of her?”

“Yes, Master.” My vacant-eyed cousin pulled a picture of me out of her purse and handed it to him.

Oh hell, no. He'd put the whammy on her last night and I had just walked into his trap.

“You're sure she's telepathic?”

“Yes, Master.”

Ian's autocratic mental voice sounded in my head. Come to me Bunny or I'll snap her scrawny neck.

Go ahead. You'd be doing me a favor.

I felt his surprise. He knew I meant it. So the rumors are true. No matter. You will not escape me again.

Care to place a bet on that?

Bambi spotted me and pointed. “There she is!”

Crap. My disguise was a bust. I ducked into the crowd and flinched as a tremendous power flared to life. Ian's commanding voice rocketed through my skull. Sleep.

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