The Nasty Vamp:The Dragos Clan 00(42)

By: Gail Koger

Ian's breath hissed out. “You are a wicked woman.”

“I did promise you some hot monkey sex.”

“That you did.” His mouth closed over mine, consuming, dominating.

My cell phone began to ring incessantly. Talk about a mood killer. I pulled it out and glanced at the caller ID. Crap. My aunt was probably still looking for her little princess.

McGregor plucked the phone out of my hand and hurled it against the far wall.


“Talk to her later. Hot monkey sex now.” Ian's callused hands stroked, caressed heating my blood until I focused only on the sensation of his touch.

He made my bones melt. I skimmed my tongue along his throat. “Can you do something about our clothes?”

Presto! They were gone.

I teased his nipples with my teeth and tongue, smiling as he shuddered. Who knew seduction could be so much fun?

My fingers trailed across his groin and circled his penis, stroking it, squeezing the thick length.

Ian snagged my hands and pinned them over my head. “My turn.” His lips caressed mine, seducing me with hot, sweetly passionate kisses.

Ripples of white-hot pleasure had me twisting beneath him. He was everywhere, touching my mind, my body until we were welded together. His body moved against mine, hot and aggressive. Pulsing waves of sheer euphoria crashed over me as Ian stroked me with long, hard thrusts. He was my heart. I now had a new home, a new family.

A wolf howled.

McGregor's decadent tongue never stopped moving. He laved and suckled my breasts.

More wolves joined in and the howling got louder.

“Sweetie... ” I moaned as Ian surged forward with deeper, stronger strokes. “Is that Ben's pack?”

“Aye, I brought them with me.”

“Why?” His marauding fingers found my clit and multiple orgasms tore through me. I bucked wildly beneath him. “Oh God! Oh God! Omigod!”

McGregor's body shuddered as he came.

Modred roared.

A wolf yelped and all hell broke loose.

“Shite!” Ian bolted upright.

“Why are they here?”

“I promised Bodine I'd find his daughter for him.”

“You need the pack for that?”


“Oh swell, I had hoped for a bit of a honeymoon.”

A thunderous cracking boom sounded and silence reigned.

“You don't think Kane killed them, do you?”

A wicked smile curled Ian's mouth. “No, he put them in the dungeon with Fester.”

“That's a really bad idea.”

“You asked for a honeymoon and Kane granted your wish.”

“Kinda like a fairy godfather, huh?”

“Aye.” He raised me up and impaled me on his shaft.

A shocking flare of pleasure raced through me as I rocked my hips. “Yee-haw! Ride ‘em cowboy.”

“Yes, ma'am,” my sweetie responded in a really bad western accent and ride him I did.

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