The Redemption of Roan (The Syndicate #2)

By: Kathy Coopmans


I watch her closely as she sways her small 5’4 frame back and forth to the music like it’s absorbing into her skin, her long blond hair swinging to the beat of the music as seductively as her hips. This woman masters a pair of five-inch heels with the compulsion of a runway model. And her dress. Fuck me hard! That has got to be the sexiest and classiest dress I have ever seen. Green as the fresh spring grass, shiny as the dew on a bright sunny morning. High neckline. Low cut back. I cannot take my eyes off of her.

I never thought I could be attracted to a woman who’s almost a foot shorter than I am. I’ve always gone for the taller ones. But her, Christ. She’s all legs. With a slim, curvy body. An ass made to spank. Tight and ripe. And her breasts; I’ve fantasized about how they would feel in my large hands or the way her nipples would perk right up when I’d run the tip of my dick over them. I picture my name coming out of her sweet mouth at the same time she comes inside of mine. The desire to taste her runs so deep it’s surreal. I’ve fantasized over her for months now. She’s in every dream, day or night. She denied me once, when I asked her out a few months ago. I’m going to make her mine, not for the purpose I had months ago when I found out about her and my brother. It has nothing to do with that anymore. It has everything to do with the fact she fascinates me.

It’s more than wanting her in my bed. The need to know everything there is to know about her far outweighs everything else. Why did she choose to be a Pediatrician? Why doesn’t she date? My list of questions is endless when it comes to her. The rest is an added bonus. She deserves to be on a pedestal. Held high, cherished while at the same time independent. Fuck, I sound like a crazy man.

“I have an addiction and you’re my cure,” I whisper.

Alina Solokov rules this dance floor at ROCK, the newest nightclub in Manhattan, and she doesn’t even realize it. She commands it. Dominates it even. Prowling in her own little world while those around her wish to be in her circle. She’s fucking beautiful. Especially when she laughs at something her girlfriend says to her. I’m not the only one who’s attached himself to his spot, caught up in the elegance of this woman. She has absolutely no god damn clue she’ll be the bull’s eye for a hell of a lot of sperm when we all go home and grip, jerk, and pull the trigger on our guns, wishing to god it was her instead of Rosie fucking Palmer!

I’ve been with no one since my eyes landed on her. My hands have the callouses to prove it. I’ve come more times to images of her face alone than I’ve fucked other women. And Christ, I’m not proud to admit it, but it’s more women than I can count. More faces than I can remember. But her . . . I would never forget her. Do I sound crazy? Absolutely. Am I crazy? Most definitely not. This woman defines the meaning of the total package. Something I never thought I would ever want.

Once I found out who she was, I wanted to use her to lure my brother out of hiding. Now, I want to protect her. Turn her world upside down the same way she’s done mine.

Alina is not who I thought she was when I first started following her. I’ve learned as much as any one person can know about her. From her shoe size to her weight to everywhere in between. She’s a riddle, one that has not been solved yet. You would think a beautiful woman who lacks for nothing, the daughter of Ivan and Charlotte Solokov, the Russian mob princess, the only daughter out of seven children would be a bitch. This intriguing creature is nothing like that. She’s soft spoken. Kind hearted. And she has consumed and occupied my mind for way too long. I need to get to her. I need her to see me for a man who wants and craves and worships her. Not the brother of Royal “Scarface” Diamond. The killer. I want her to see me. The real me. No games. No rules. Just her and me!

I’ve fallen in love with a woman who wants nothing to do with me because of who I am. I’m Roan Diamond, the younger brother of a man who she used to date ten years ago. A man who for some reason she walked away from. I’m nothing like my brother and I’m going to give it my all to prove it.

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