The Silver Pear (The Dark Forest Book 2)

By: Michelle Diener

Previously in The Dark Forest Series

If you haven’t read The Golden Apple, or if you have, but you want a quick refresher, this is the place for you, as The Silver Pear starts up where The Golden Apple leaves off.

In The Golden Apple, Kayla starts off perched on a glass hill with a golden apple in her lap. Her father, the King of Gaynor, has put her and the apple up as the prize in a contest of strength and cunning, only it later transpires her father was coerced into this by a powerful sorcerer, Eric the Bold.

Rane needs the golden apple. A rival of Eric’s, Nuen, is holding his brother to ransom for it, and in order to win it, Rane seduces Kayla to gain her help.

What neither knows is that Eric has enchanted the apple, which has the power to heal, and Kayla and Rane are both caught in the enchantment. They are required to go into the heart of the Great Forest, a place Eric can’t go himself, to steal a gem from a powerful witch.

They work together and get the gem, and Kayla forgives Rane his deception. They also discover that the gem is very dangerous when touched. Kayla manages to break her enchantment, but Rane doesn’t. He sneaks off to hand the gem back to Eric on his own, in order to protect Kayla. Rane is stopped on his journey by Nuen’s men, who are determined to take him back to Nuen and Nuen's brother, Jasper, to explain why he hasn’t yet brought them the golden apple.

Rane manages to escape when the men touch the gem he’s taking to Eric and disappear in a flash of light.

Kayla has realized during her time in the Great Forest that she can use wild magic, the magic left over when sorcerers cast spells. Wild magic is dangerous. Sorcerers have been banishing it to the Great Forest to protect themselves from it. While she’s in the Great Forest, Kayla is incredibly powerful, but outside the forest boundaries, she can only use whatever wisps of wild magic can escape the forest’s borders.

Kayla decides, as Rane has left the golden apple with her, that she will rescue Rane’s brother, Soren, as she doesn’t know which way Rane has gone.

She manages the rescue, but Soren drops the golden apple as they are making their escape, leaving it in Nuen’s hands.

Soren and Kayla then work out a way to rescue Rane from Eric.

During a fight in Eric’s dungeon, the gem that Rane has brought Eric to end his enchantment falls to the floor.

Soren grabs it before Kayla and Rane can warn him of the danger, and disappears. Kayla and Rane escape and Kayla decides to return the gem to Ylana, the witch they stole it from, and ask for guidance in controlling the massive power she now commands.

Eric, Nuen, and a few other sorcerers are involved in a growing race to see who is more powerful, and they are using the leaders of the region, like Kayla’s father, to further their ambitions. Kayla realizes her kingdom is no longer safe and the whole region will soon be on the brink of war if the sorcerers aren’t stopped.

She plans to stop them.

Chapter One

Soren and Mirabelle

Soren’s hand slammed down on the glittering gem lying on Eric’s dungeon floor a split second before Eric got to it, and he was flung, hard and fast as a stone from a catapult, into blinding darkness. His shout was ripped from his throat, and air pounded against his ears, deafening him.

He felt as if the howling winds would tear his limbs from his body, and he curled in on himself protectively.

As suddenly as it began, the wind stopped. The quiet, the darkness, the lack of pressure, made him think for a moment he had died.

Then he began to fall.

It felt like forever, but he realized as he hit the ground it could only have been a six foot drop. He rolled as he made contact—hard, rain-slicked cobbles digging into his skin as he spun.

When he came to a stop against a wall, he had to wait for the dizziness to pass before he sat up.

The legs of a man were before him. Slowly, his gaze travelled up to a pocked, grey face.

“Well, well, well.” The man stared at him for a moment, then turned. “Baldic, looks like we’ve another for the collection.”

“Collection?” Soren began pushing against the wall, trying to stand. “Where am I?”

The man laughed. “That’s what they all ask.” He stepped back, waited for Soren to gain his feet, then he lunged forward, pinning Soren to the wall with a pitch- fork, the tines just wide enough to accommodate a man’s neck.

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