The Soldier's Lady

By: Jordan Silver

Chapter 1


“Who the fuck is that?” I looked over the tops of my Ray Bans at the beauty I’d just caught in my cross hairs.

“Who captain?”

“Her.” I pointed out the hot chick with the rack and ass that would stop traffic. She was fucking gorgeous. I should know, my cock does not lie and he was giving her the twenty-one-gun salute. Shit, with my luck she’d be here with someone, lucky bastard.

“That’s Melissa, she’s a friend of Spanky’s wife I think.”

“Huh.” That’s all I said, I wasn’t ready to give anything away yet. Soldiers are gossiping fucks and I didn’t need my business all over the barracks come sunrise. The guys were letting off some steam after three weeks in the desert doing drills. The little get together at the local watering hole wasn’t my usual scene but it was good for the men’s morale if their captain at least put in an appearance.

It wasn’t all about blowing up motherfuckers and shit. There was life outside the army, something other than blood and guts and fucking war. I kept my eye on my prey for the rest of the evening, which saw me staying way longer than I’d intended.

I’d ascertained that she wasn’t here with anyone. That didn’t necessarily mean she didn’t have a man at home but if the idiot was dumb enough to let her out on her own he deserved what he got. I’m an equal opportunity motherfucker. And the way she made my body hum there was no way I was leaving here tonight without at least talking to her.

I noticed that she seemed a little shy, staying to the sidelines more than getting in the middle of conversation. Every once in a while private Spanky’s wife I think her name is Jennifer, would walk over to her and say something but she’d just shake her head and stay seated. She only moved to go to the bar and refresh her drink, which she’d only done once since I’d noticed her.

That one look had been enough for me to get a good look at her amazing curves. She was wearing a long flowing skirt with an off the shoulder top and some sort of large belt that hung around her middle. She wore her blonde hair shoulder length and cut in some sassy do that swiveled and swirled each time she moved her head. I knew she couldn’t see me from where I was sitting in the dark corner across from her and that was a good thing because I hadn’t taken my eyes off of her in almost an hour.

I had to assess the situation so to speak. My body hasn’t reacted that way to a woman in a long time if ever. The pull was stronger than any I could remember, not something I could take lightly. A man in my position usually followed his gut and mine was sending out signals that I knew better than to ignore.

I studied every inch of her as she sat there all shy. I don’t see why the fuck she was hiding; she had the rest of the women in the joint beat hands down. Fucking gorgeous, throw in that sweet shyness and I was ready to fuck, protect and shield. Serious business.

Jennifer or whatever her name was said something to her that made her smile and that’s when I saw the dimples, fuck she’s gorgeous. I wouldn’t say some corny shit like I was stunned by her beauty, but I will admit to being caught off guard. I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing what I was but the men seemed to be preoccupied with their tall tales at the bar. That was a good thing I didn’t want to have to pull rank. The music was about to change and I could see from the way she picked her head up and moved her shoulders to the music she liked this particular song.

Okay that’s it time to make my move before one of these assholes see what I see and ask her to dance. I took my bottle of beer with me and headed for the corner where she’d been hanging out all evening. The closer I got the more my dick twitched. “I hear you boy I’m going to get her calm the fuck down.”

Her eyes widened when I sat down across from her. Damn, bright-eyed girl.

“Hello, Melissa is it?”

“How…how do you know my name?” She looked around a little flustered.

“That’s not important right now, I have one question for you.” I waited until her eyes were on mine before continuing. “Do you have a man?”

She blushed and looked down at the table. Her shoulders slumped for a second and her bottom lip seemed to tremble before she got it under control. That shit tore at my heart and had me reaching for her hand. What the fuck is this anyway? I had the strong urge to wrap her up and take her home.