The Thing About Love

By: Kim Karr

The Thing About Love

The North Star—aka Polaris—is famous for holding nearly still in our sky while the entire northern sky moves around it.

That’s because it’s located so close to the north celestial pole, which is the point around which the entire northern sky turns.

Polaris is significant because it marks your way due north.

As you face Polaris and stretch your arms sideways, your right-hand points due east, and your left-hand points due west. About-face of Polaris steers you due south.

Polaris is not the brightest star in the nighttime sky, but you can find it easily. And once you do, you’ll see it shining in the northern sky every night . . . and you’ll always be able to find your way.

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. . . . . . You’re not nervous, just excited.

. . . . . . . . You’re not nervous, just excited.

I had been chanting these five words for the past couple of blocks. The dose of calm my self-help book had assured me this phrase would trigger had yet to take effect.

I made a mental note to return that book. If anything, I was even more wound up than I had been before. Now my heart was beating faster, my palms were sweatier, and my entire body was trembling.

I had to calm down—and soon.

Having already tried smiling, closing my eyes, and thinking positively, I was entirely out of stress relievers.

Time to suck it up—and deal.

The mere thought of meeting with prospective clients always made me slightly anxious, but today I was full-out nervous.

Oh God, did I have everything I needed?

As I stepped off the curb to cross the street, I ran through the list I kept in my head. Menu options—check. Invitation samples—check. Venue photos—check. Favor ideas—check. Jaxson’s business card—check.




Yes, all the checks were tucked safely in my bag.

All of a sudden it seemed to weigh a ton. Feeling like I was carrying the weight of the world on one shoulder, I attempted to switch the heavy leather tote to the other side. While doing so, the strap slipped from my sweaty grip, and my bag dropped to the ground. With a shriek, I watched in horror as all the contents tumbled out.

In the middle of the busy street, I found myself on my bare knees trying to gather my things before the light changed to green and all of my hard work turned into road kill, not to mention myself.

As I shoved the blue fabric swatch into the vast, leather rectangle, I thought about the young woman I had an appointment with in less than an hour. She was engaged to the Governor’s son, and she wanted her wedding to be the most significant affair the State of Georgia had ever seen.

Beep. Beep.

Beep. Beep.

Scrambling back on my feet, I rushed to the corner with my mind still on the client I was desperate to sign. Landing this event was exactly what Easton Design & Weddings needed to prove to the community that the new management was just as capable as the previous.

The problem was I wasn’t one hundred percent sure it was. But I’d keep that to myself.

There was no doubt in my mind the press received from nuptials of this magnitude would be of tremendous value.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

I had to land this job.

Even if only to prove to myself I was more than competent enough for this position.

With the afternoon sun beating down on me, the air felt unusually thick in my lungs. I took three deep breaths while making my way along Peachtree Road. Blowing them out slowly, I glanced down at my outfit.

In a navy shift dress embroidered with white birds that I happened to catch sight of in the thrift store window only ten minutes ago, I knew I should feel confident about my upcoming appointment.

This dress was undoubtedly a sign.

Although I had gotten more than a few strange looks from passersby on the sidewalk, I didn’t care because what I was wearing was more than appropriate.

Trust me.

When I heard someone shout, “Pierre, come back here,” I quickly lifted my gaze just in time to see a dog trotting in my direction. Before his owner could retrieve the leash, the toy poodle was at my feet. I bent down to pet the little ten-pound cutie, and when I did, he barked so fiercely it startled me, and I went flying backward into a trashcan.