The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride

By: Rhiannon Frater
The Dark Rebirth Trilogy Volume 2


Every night I dream of Vlad Dracula. As I slumber in darkness waiting for the night to come, he haunts me. I wish my dreams were filled with lovely memories of my deceased family or my beloved vampire lover, Ignatius. But, alas, my dreams are filled with Vlad’s green eyes, his long, dark auburn hair, and his passions.

The dreams are so vivid; I am always convinced they are a terrible reality until I awaken. Only then do I remember he is trapped in his coffin, a mere husk of the robust man he once was, tucked away in his crypt beneath his crumbling castle. It was my hand that reduced him to such a state. I drove the stake through his body and drained him of blood. I have inherited his power. I have become the new Master, yet he still lives. He created me; therefore, he is intrinsically linked to me.

Will he forever haunt my dreams?

Chapter 1

The Journal of Countess Dracula

May 12, 1820

The Golden Krone Hotel, Bistriţa

I am so utterly lonely. It has only been a few days since I vanquished Vlad, but it feels as though I have been in exile forever. The joy of my victory over Vlad is still fresh, yet it is now tempered by my isolation. I miss my mortal family, now long dead and sealed in a chest awaiting proper burial. The owner of the hotel has been gracious enough to store it in his cellar, though he does not know its contents.

I despair at the loss of my vampire sisters and their companionship, but recent events have destroyed our familial bonds. I am saddened that Cneajna, my vampire mother, now despises me. How can she blame me for Vlad’s actions? It was never my desire to be his favored Bride, or to be elevated above her. That Vlad should exalt me above the others still baffles me. Yet, this does not matter to Cneajna. Her anger burns against me and I am forlorn.

Oh, dearest little diary, I miss my beloved Ignatius. If only I could be with him now, in his arms, at peace and comforted by his love. I know so little of him, yet I love him with all my heart.

Soon I will travel to Buda. I shall find my own way in this new dark world. I am now Countess Dracula and I fully intend to use my new station to create the life I have always desired.

For now, I am so utterly alone.

Oh, how I wish I could cast off this growing malaise...

The knock on the door startled me. I quickly closed my diary and hid it away under the pillows heaped on the bed. Smoothing my gown and tucking my red hair back from my face, I called out, “Yes?”

“Countess Dracula, your presence is requested downstairs” came the voice of the hotel proprietor’s daughter. I recalled her name was Katya. She had been one of Vlad’s many willing blood mistresses.

Her simple words struck deep like a silver dagger into my very soul. I could not fathom who would be calling. Only yesterday I had sent out letters to prepare my return to Buda. My hands trembled as my slowly beating heart seized within my bosom. Crossing the room, I pulled open the door.

“Who is it, Katya?” I asked. “Who has come to call?”

It could not be Vlad Dracula. I had drained him, taken his blood, and left him a mere husk in his coffin. Yet, I was seized in fear’s iron grip. What if he had risen? What vengeance would he lay upon me?

The lovely young thing with golden hair lifted her eyebrows slightly as she dropped a small curtsey. She obviously had observed the note of fear in my voice. “Countess, it is a man sent by Lord Astir of Buda.”

My eyes narrowed at the name of the fallen angel. Though I was grateful that the fallen one had allowed me some measure of peace in his haven with Ignatius, I did not trust the foul beast. His prophetic words had brought ruin upon me and my vampire mother.

“He just arrived and asked to see you immediately,” she continued.

“Take me to him,” I said curtly as I stepped out into the hall. I drew the door closed behind me and waited for her to guide me to my unexpected guest.

Katya hesitated, her delicate hand touching the lace of my sleeve. “Mistress, I miss his kisses. Could you not kiss me as he did?” Her fingers lightly fluttered over the faint scars on her throat left by the torrid, hungry bites of Vlad Dracula.

The hunger had not fully risen within me since my departure from the castle, but I knew I would soon have to feed. I was annoyed by her request, yet she was willing and delicious. I had tasted her once before and her willingness to accommodate my need for blood would be convenient during my stay.

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