By: Cambria Hebert

Heven and Hell #3


I dedicate this book to my husband, Shawn. This book has always been special to me, but you made it more so by gracing the cover with your handsome face.


I can’t believe I am wrapping up my third novel in this series. It seems like just yesterday I was getting to know Heven and trying to pry secrets out of Sam. Since I began writing Tirade, it has always been special to me. I am not really sure why. I think because I like where the characters go. I like watching them grow and change, I like the plot and poor Heven really has to overcome a lot in this book. Plus, there is Riley. I would like to acknowledge Riley. Riley Stone makes me smile, he makes me laugh and I love writing him. He kind of snuck up on me, but I am so glad he did. He’s also an attention hoarder. He likes to try and steal the spotlight and he likes to bug me for things like motorcycles and tattoos. Still, I’m glad he’s in my head.

I want to thank my husband Shawn—yes, I always thank him—but this time for different reasons. He gave a face to Riley, sat through several photo shoots, and paraded around in the yard with a red hood with fur on it—all for the sake of the cover. You may embarrass our daughter with your chest hair, but I think you make Riley look hot.

To my son Nathan, who keeps life interesting and reminds me to laugh when you wear socks in the shower, “forget” to wash your hair, and make me have Beywheelz races in the kitchen. To my daughter Kaydence, who paints my toes, wears my shoes and sets up shop to make me pumpkin bread and lattes. I can’t wait to see you on the very next cover, and you are right… chest hair is gross (and so is armpit hair).

A shout out to my Street Team newly named “Cambria’s Hellions.” You all come by that name honestly, hahaha. You also make me laugh, cheer me on and encourage me to wear thongs on my head (or was that my idea?).

Big thanks to Jennifer Pringle for telling me I need a handler because I need someone to tell me to quit worrying and just believe a little more. You’ve brought a little Zen to my life and we all need a little Zen.

Speaking of Zen… I would like to thank Lipton tea makers for their Ginger Twist Tea. Every time I make a cup (several times a day!) I see the little messages on the tea packets like “Ginger Tea In; Stress Out” and I feel a little better.

I never thought I would actually enjoy having a stalker—but I do! Maghon Thomas, you are the only stalker that I have ever encouraged (I usually call the police!). Thank you for helping me get reviews, for hosting me endlessly on your blog, and for always being there with positive words and encouragement. You are always willing to help and you never ask for anything in return. Also, to Gladys Atwell, for believing in me and my series and telling me when I need to stab myself with a pencil (I often feel the need!) to make sure it’s not mechanical but a solid #2.

Big acknowledgements to Cassie McCown and Amy Eye, the editors of this masterpiece (like I would call it junk!). Thank you both for helping me make this novel into everything it could be and spending hours working to make it great. Regina Wamba, your cover designs get better every time and I am so glad to work with you. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next!

To my fellow writing buddies, Tish Thawer (The Rose Trilogy) and Heather Hildenbrand (Dirty Blood Series), thank you both for taking my emails, answering my questions, and helping me navigate the choppy waters of publishing. It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by such talent. You make me work harder.

And finally, to my fans, thank you all so much for the emails, messages and posts! Keep reading!


Chapter One


Seconds feel like hours, minutes feel like days and days… Days feel like eternity.

Being a prisoner of hell sucks. Endlessly.

All day long I pace inside this dark, tiny, cell… And I think. The thing about the dark is that it takes away distractions. Distractions that allowed me to ignore all the things I wanted to ignore. I liked myself better when I didn’t have to think. How easy it is to act without thinking, to let your feelings guide you. I’ve done a lot of reacting to my situation—to Heven’s situation. I’ve done a lot of things I would like to forget. But forgetting isn’t an option when all you can do is think. Unfortunately, thinking changes things.

It changes you.

My reaction the first time I laid eyes on Heven was so strong—so all-encompassing that she was all I saw—all I wanted to see. But time’s passed… And while I still love her like that first day, it’s grown deeper and stronger. She’s grown stronger. She doesn’t need me to do the things I’ve done in the past because we can fight together.