Torrian (The Highland Clan Book 2)(87)

By: Keira Montclair

What would become of her now that her dear brother was chieftain? Her closest friend would no longer have time for her.

Suddenly, she had to get out, she just had to leave. Shoving against the door, she rushed headlong into the cool night, running across the cobblestone courtyard as tears blurred her vision. The toe of her slipper caught the edge of a stone. She lost her bearings and tumbled toward the ground, her arms flailing to save her from hitting her head on the hard surface.

A warm pair of strong arms grabbed her, catching her fall, but her instinct was to fight them. She shoved hard against her savior, but he swung her around to face him without letting her loose.

“Lily, stop! I’ll not hurt you.”

“Kyle?” She froze, and catching her gaze, he did the same. She stared into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen, wondering why she’d never noticed their coloring before. “What are you doing?”

“Protecting you. ‘Tis my job as the chief’s second to protect his family. You are his sister, so I must protect you, even if I must follow you to do so.”

She took in his chiseled jaw, his dark hair, and his lips, lips that held an appeal she hadn’t noticed before. His gaze did not waver, and Lily had the sudden impulse to do something so out of character that it shocked even her.

Lily kissed him. Aye, she lost all control of her senses, and did exactly what her heart directed her to do.

Even more shocking was that he returned the kiss. His lips were warm, and he angled his mouth over hers, using a soft pressure that encouraged her to part her lips. Then his tongue swept inside her mouth.

What was she supposed to do about that?

He tasted of ale and something else, something sweeter than anything she’d ever tasted. All she knew for certes was that she wanted more. With one kiss, Kyle had brought to life a soft yearning she’d never experienced before.

Kyle pulled back, his blue eyes widened as he stared at her lips, now plumped from his delicious assault. And he only offered one word.



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