Tricked (Demon's Mark 2)

By: Nora Ash


Second installment in the serial ‘Demon’s Mark’.

He had tricked her. Tricked her into trusting his professional façade and beguiling promises, and tricked her into spreading her thighs with lies and deceit.

Barely recovered from Dr. Hershey’s grueling treatment to cure her ‘illusions’, Selma soon realizes that the charming psychiatrist has a very sinister motive for his alternative methods; preparing her for a lifetime of mating with the oversized demon Lords he serves.

To escape her fate Selma must find a way of deceiving the dangerous trickster, but the only way she can do that is if she allows him to show her what it means to be mated to a demon.

Tricked contains explicit sexual content featuring a very rough ride, manipulation and not entirely human anatomy.


“What did you do?” Selma backed up and away from the desk, though the paper with the frightening text remained in her shaking hand, curling somewhat as her fingers clenched at its edges.

Through her fear for the unhurriedly approaching man she felt a spike of anger rise, heating her chest and arms. “What did you do?” He had tricked her, had gained her trust with deceit and used her broken mind against her. For what gain exactly she didn’t know, but the page she was holding made it painfully clear that it wasn’t for anything pleasant.

“I took away your illusions. Isn’t that what you wanted?” His head tilted as he assessed her moves, obviously calculating how much closer he could come before she’d dart around the desk. “Does anything else really matter?”

The silky tone only made her beating heart thrum harder against her ribs. Deceitfully kind, just like the man himself. She kept backing, maintaining distance to his large, looming form. “You’re dangerous!”

It was too late, of course. She should never have let her guard down around one of them, should have known that his caring words and manners were only to lure her in. Would anyone hear her if she screamed? The corridor had been deserted; they were likely the only souls in this part of the hospital.

“You will not be harmed.” His soothing words aside, he matched her retreat smoothly, keeping his body between her and the entry at all times. When her back hit the wall hiding the examination room, and her eyes widened in terror, he stopped, leaving a few feet of air between them.

“Have I been anything but good to you yet, sweetheart?” There was a slight taunt in his smooth voice, one dark eyebrow curving up as if to suggest that she was being ridiculous when her eyes instinctively darted around the room in frantic search for some way out. She found nothing.

“You lied.” Selma stared back up at the man who had her cornered. She set her jaw, hoping to convey something other than ‘weak female’ to whatever instincts triggered his prowl. “You took advantage of me.” Though she tried to keep her voice calm, it held a shrill note that spoke of her fear as much as the tremble of her hands emphasized by the small rustle of shaking paper clenched in her fist.

“Hmm, whatever do you mean? You no longer see demons, correct? I promised you as much.” He took a step closer, causing her to flatten herself against the wall. So much for putting on a brave act.

“Y-you branded me!” She slung out the accusation while holding up the paper depicting the little mark.

“Ah.” He glanced at it before bracing an arm against the wall, right next to her head. “So you can see the mark, then? I suppose I should have realized as much.”

Her breath hitched at his sudden proximity and her brown gaze locked on his face so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard by any attacks. He really was very tall, and his broad shoulders seemed to cage her in from above as oppressively as the rest of him kept her trapped against the wall.

At least his eyes weren’t orange flames anymore.

“What did you do?” It came out as a scared whisper this time.

Dr. Hershey raised the hand not currently supporting his weight against the wall and, with the faintest of touches, traced a circle around the outer edges of the mark. “I blinded you.” It was a soft murmur. “Really, Selma, you must have known deep down what we really are. Through every evaluation and every drug they gave you, you must have known.”

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