Truly Scrumptious(32)

By: R.G. Alexander

“Aha, somebody has been naughty.”

Edward must have still been logged on because it read, “Welcome back Eddie Z”.

She browsed around a little and laughed at the photos and streaming porn.

“What do men see in all this… Holy shit! That guy is deformed.” She sat up a little to get a better look. “That can’t be… I guess it is.”

“Knock, knock. Anyone home?” Ami looked up and saw an elderly woman at the door. She was the woman she had seen in the photos.

“Come on in.”

Startled the woman looked around. “Um, Edward isn’t back yet?”

“He said he was running some errands. I’m Ami, his, um, friend.” Ami figured she was probably quite an odd sight, wearing not much clothing and sitting in a man’s kitchen.

“Hello, I’m Ellen, Edward’s mom. He mentioned he had a guest this morning. He had to run into town to get some groceries for me. I come over every now and then to give Edward some breakfast. He can’t cook an egg without messing it up. Just like his father.”

“Yeah, I got his note.”

“You are his, ummm, how do I put this?”

“I’m just a friend. He let me stay here last night. I apologize. He offered me a place to crash for a couple days. I can leave if you want.”

“Well if my little Eddie said you can stay it’s fine with me. It’ll be nice to have someone around to chat to instead of just Eddie and his dad.”

Ami nodded. “Thank you.”

“You hungry?”

Ami shrugged. “I’m okay. I usually just have an energy bar and some cappuccino in the morning.”

“Don’t be silly. You’ll wither away without a decent breakfast. I brought over some muffins I’d made for his father. Help yourself.” Ellen put a small basket on the table and the fresh smell of the muffins filled the room.

“Oh wow. Okay, thank you.” She took a warm muffin and broke it in half. Taking a bite she smiled ear to ear. Ami was used to people waiting on her but this was a genuine act of kindness. It felt great to have someone be nice with no ulterior motive, no other reason than to be kind.

Ellen stood and walked to the sink. “Well I’ll let you get ready. I’ll be next door if you… Jesus Christ, look at the size of that man’s penis!”

Ellen stepped back. “I haven’t seen anything that big since we took the horses out to stud.”

Ami laughed. “I was just surfing and this silly porn site popped up. I saw this and wanted to, um, do a little research.”

“Well, ahem, have fun with your research. I need to go cock some—I mean cook some stew.” Laughing, Ellen walked out the back door.

Also By R.G. Alexander

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