Turn and Burn(4)

By: Lorelei James

His big hand curled around the side of her face and he swept his thumb over her cheekbone. “I was afraid you’d be gone.”

“Why? I meant what I said.”

“I believe you. But me heading off to secure a room before I even kissed you is a little rude on my part.”

Tanna’s heart galloped when he leaned closer, letting their lips almost touch as he gazed into her eyes with such heat and tenderness. She managed to eke out, “Maybe you oughta prove that you’re not a bad kisser before this goes any further.”

“Be my pleasure.”

His breath continued to flow over her lips, but he didn’t kiss her. “Is there a problem?”

“No. You’re just so dang pretty,” he murmured and pressed his mouth to hers.

A soft, quick brush of moist flesh as his lips teased hers. Then another. And another. When Tanna parted her lips, his tongue slipped inside her mouth.

The kiss started out a slow, sweet exploration. Heat built gradually as their lips moved and tongues dueled. She gave herself over to him and this amazing first kiss.

By the time he eased back, Tanna knew her face was flushed. Her heart raced. A warm throb of need had settled between her legs.

“Damn, woman,” he finally said.

“I’m feeling a little buzzed after that too.” Good Lord. He’d kissed her with such intensity she was out of breath.

“I take it I passed the kissing test?”

She nodded. “With flying colors.”

“Good. Because I want another taste of you.”

Heat spread between her thighs. “And then what?”

“Then I’ll probably throw you over my shoulder and run across the parking lot.” His mouth meandered down her throat. He stopped to trace his tongue along her collarbone before he planted kisses straight down to her cleavage.

Somehow he’d maneuvered her into the corner of the booth. His big body blocked her from view of other bar patrons, which allowed him to leave openmouthed kisses on every exposed inch of her breasts.

Tanna’s head fell back, letting his greedy kisses on her skin consume her. When she realized her hands were gripping the booth and not his rock-hard flesh, she reached out and placed her palms on his pectorals.

“I like your hands on me,” he murmured against the upper swell of her breast.

She curled her fingers into his torso, allowing her nails to scrape down his belly to the waistband of his jeans. Then she put her mouth on the salty skin beneath his ear. “Imagine me doin’ that down your back.” She nipped on his earlobe. “At least two times.”

He groaned and then his mouth was back, overwhelming hers with passion. Not sloppy, wet, I wanna fuck you kisses. But hot, hungry kisses that drove her to another level of need. This wouldn’t be a one-off fuck. The first time might be fast. But the second time wouldn’t be. Nor would the third time. The fourth go around would be spectacular.

Looked to be a long, sweaty night.

And she couldn’t freakin’ wait.

She slapped her hands on his cheeks to pull his mouth off hers. When she stared into his face and saw that devilish gleam, she smirked back.


“Didn’t you say something about throwing me over your shoulder and getting us outta here?”

“Let’s go.”

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Chapter Two

Tanna woke up in a panic, sheet clutched to her naked chest. She looked around wildly until she realized she was in her motel room, not his. She sagged into the pillows with relief when she remembered making her escape after he’d fallen into a deep sleep.

Escape. She’d forced herself to leave because she hadn’t wanted to. It felt wrong lumping the guy in with her other one-night stands. The sex had been fantastic. A little hard and fast wham bam—which she loved—and then he’d switched gears, drawing out their mutual pleasure. Words beyond yes, now and more had been unnecessary. They’d let their bodies do all the talking.

So maybe she wished they’d exchanged names. But it was too late now. She glanced at the clock. Nine a.m. Man, she’d slept in this morning. She headed straight for the shower.

After checking out of the motel, Tanna walked two blocks to the truck stop’s gravel parking lot where she’d ditched her truck and horse trailer. Didn’t appear anyone had messed with it, which was a good thing since all her earthly possessions were contained within the horse bay. She tried not to feel pitiful; a former world champion barrel racer without a horse. A former world champion without a home. A former world champion barrel racer without anything, really. She’d lost so much in the two years since her mother had passed on it still seemed surreal.

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