Twin Curse

By: Rinelle Grey

(Twin Gems Series Book 1)


Born together, wed together

Brianna has never questioned the ancient law that requires her to marry the same man as her twin sister—until her sister falls in love with gentle and obedient Terion. Despite knowing he’s perfect for her sister, Brianna can’t bring herself to care for him, but unless she agrees to the marriage, her sister can’t marry either. In a desperate attempt to allow them both to live the life they want, Brianna fakes her own death and runs away. She knows she can never marry another, but she can live with that. What she hadn’t counted on was meeting Lyall, a handsome but mysterious man visiting the inn where she works.

A powerful mage and heir to the throne of Isla de Magi, Lyall could have his pick of women, but it’s not until he meets a simple serving woman while on a covert mission to the mainland, that he loses his heart. First fascinated by the raw magical power he senses in her, then by her forthright and honest nature, Lyall is smitten. He can’t understand why she keeps her distance, or why she refuses to talk about her past, but he is sure he can win her over.

As their love blossoms, and a fierce enemy threatens her home village, Brianna begins to discover more about the origins of the ancient law, and what happened to the last set of twins who broke it. Can she escape the curse, or will she have to choose between her love for Lyall, and the safety and happiness of her sister?

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“What do you think of Terion?”

The question caught Brianna by surprise, and she paused plaiting her long dark hair to stare at her twin. Mianna stood by the window, watching something Brianna couldn’t see. Tying a yellow ribbon in her hair, she walked across to the window.

Following her sister’s gaze, she saw the young man in question helping move the tables and benches into position around the outskirts of the village square, where the older villagers could watch the dancing that would occur in the middle.

Like everyone else in the village, she’d known him since she was a child, and she could easily recall a hundred facts about him.

He was kind and gentle, and always did the right thing. He’d rescued Mianna’s kitten from a tree when they were seven. He’d taken them for rides on his horse when they were thirteen, but he wouldn’t let Brianna jump over the hedge. When he’d caught them sneaking out of the house at fifteen, after Brianna had spent hours convincing Mianna that the chance to watch the dancing at the midsummer bonfire was worth the risk of being caught, he’d marched them straight back home, explaining with a twinkle in his eye that they’d soon be old enough to join in the dancing.

He was the sort of person who obeyed the rules without exceptions—even if it wasn’t fun. Squelching the feeling of irritation that bubbled up in her, Brianna forced a shrug. “He’s okay, I guess. Why?” She couldn’t really find any faults with him—not that her sister would agree with anyway.

When Mianna didn’t answer, she glanced up and caught a blush stealing across her twin’s face. Mianna turned back to the dressing table to pick up a brush. “No reason,” she said in an attempt to be off hand. “Are you going to wear the yellow dress? Because if you are, I’ll take the blue.”

Being the exact same size, both girls shared a wardrobe, and usually a discussion of who was to wear what was enough to start an argument that would eclipse any previous conversation. But Brianna, who had already planned on wearing the yellow dress, was not so easily distracted.

“You’re not trying to tell me you like him, are you?” she asked incredulously.

“Well, we’ve been working together in the mill,” Mianna said, her tone defensive. “We had some problems with the alignment of the millstones, and he’s been helping fix them. He’s really good with his hands.”

Brianna raised an eyebrow. “Good with his hands? Mia, you should hear yourself.”

“Bri, we can’t just sit around waiting forever. I want to get married, you know, and have babies.”

If her twin had punched her in the gut, she couldn’t have shocked her more. “So what, you’re just going to forget about Kylis?” she demanded.

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