Twist of Fae (Vegas Fae Story Book 3)

By: Tom Keller


I'd like to take a moment and say thanks to all those fans that commented or emailed. A shout out to Dee, Brian, Susan, Larry, Deirdre, John, and all the rest of you. You know who you are.

This book wouldn’t have been written if not for their support as well as their helpful and insightful comments. Not to mention frequently asking for updates of my progress. Thanks are also due my beta-readers for putting up with my frequent emails and plot changes.

A special thanks to my wife, Karen, for her help in editing and my Facebook friend Dee McDaniel for her keen eyes and edits. Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to a missing word or a paragraph that just doesn't seem to make sense to anyone but me.

Chapter 1


"I'm on Rancho now," I said to the sergeant on the phone. "Be there in a sec." I disconnected, and then turned right and drove down Bellflower until I saw the unmarked police car parked in the desert. Pulling over next to it, I got out and walked up to the car. A tall, blonde cop, wearing jeans and a tactical vest, stepped out and met me half way.

I'd driven up from LA before the crack of dawn, after a phone call from the duty officer about a possible local terrorist link on a case the Victorville cops were working. All I knew was that they had arrested one of their problem ex-felons, and after a search of his phone, had found a connection to a target on our watch list. It wasn't much to go on, just a few tweets, but someone thought it was important enough to get me out of bed to drive up into the desert to check it out. Fortunately, at least in this case, I'd been having trouble sleeping, so having to get out of bed was almost like doing me a favor.

"Agent Hoskins," he said in a slightly formal tone. "I'm Sergeant McManus."

"Good to meet you, Sarge," I replied as I shook his hand. "Thanks for the heads up."

"No problem," he said. "But I'm surprised that someone got you out of bed for this. We've been dealing with this guy for years and, as far as I know, he's just one of the local assholes. Hell, he just got out of prison a few months ago."

"Mine is not to reason why," I said, throwing my hands up to indicate I was just doing my job. Dealing with some local police agencies could be… well, let's just say it could get interesting. No one liked their cases stepped on, especially by the Feds. My dad, a retired cop himself, had taught me that a long time ago, and I'd learned to be diplomatic. "I promise I'm not here to get in your way."

"I got no problem with you coming down, Agent," McManus replied. "It just surprised me, that's all. You being from the city. We've got a local rep here that we usually deal with, but for some reason he's out of the loop on this thing. The chief said to cooperate, so that's what I'm doing."

"Welcome to my world, Sarge," I said, chuckling. "I just go where they tell me. Please, call me Jay. I hate that formal shit out in the field."

That got a laugh.

"So what have you got, Sarge?" I asked.

"Alright Jay, and you can call me Mac." he replied. "Here's the skinny. WMA name of Rickie Alcot got out of prison a few months ago and moved back into his momma's old house. Best we can tell he's been living there alone. He's got no other family left. Momma passed away last year, but the taxes are paid through a trust, so it's his until the money runs out. His Parole Officer says he's been quiet. Makes all his appointments and is supposedly looking for a job. Not that that means anything though."

"House is a couple miles up the road. SWAT's been watching the place from the development down the street since your guy's name popped up. No movement so far. It's most likely empty, but we're hanging back because it's in the middle of nowhere and there's no way for us not to be seen if we get any closer. I was just waiting for you before I called the guys out to hit the place. They should be on their way now."

"We busted Ricky yesterday morning burglarizing an electronics store. After we searched his van, we recovered a shitload of electronics. Mostly computer parts, but some other electronics as well. We've had a series going, and based on what we found in the car, we figure he's good for all of them. I had one of my guys draw up a warrant for his phone and house yesterday evening. Your guy's name showed up on the phone when the guys examined it after the bust. We called your office after finding the hit, and held off on searching the house at their request. That's about it."

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