Unbridled Temptation(2)

By: Elle Saint James

Elbow planted firmly on the armrest, Logan leaned his head on his fist. “If you do decide to go medieval on something digital, try to resist smashing the really expensive stuff, okay?”

“Right. Good idea. Thanks for that enlightening nugget of advice,” he said, not hiding his sarcasm.

Logan grinned. “Well, I can see my work here is done.” He stood up again. “Oh, yeah. One other thing I came inside to tell you. Remember that reporter—or blogger or whatever the hell he is—who was sniffing around here a couple months ago?”

Kendall nodded warily.

“Well, he’s back. And this time, he’s not sneaking around. In my opinion, he looks smug and that’s worrisome. So I thought you should know.”

“Great.” Kendall tilted his head back, stared at the ceiling, and wondered how this day could get any worse.

Then Logan frowned, his expression going deadly serious before he added, “Also, he’s telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s got undeniable proof that we’re running an illegal prostitution ring out of the Old West Town park saloon.”

Chapter One

Enclave, Montana—two weeks later

“The stagecoach leaves in five minutes. You’re lucky, you got the very last seat on the last run of the day.”

Jocelyn Demarco nodded to the ticket master with veiled delight, grabbing her ticket, receipt, and credit card.

She tucked the paper and plastic away quickly into her small flat purse. Looking at the scene before her with unconcealed awe, she studied the landscape. The “taste of the Wild West” that the scene revealed put lift in her spirit she’d lacked for quite a while. The ramshackle building before her looked like it was straight out of an old Western movie set. She couldn’t wait to experience this day.

She’d come to Enclave, Montana, to look for clues to the location of her runaway sister, but the lure of visiting an authentic piece of history was too exciting to resist. Her sister had been gone for a couple of weeks, following blindly the pie-in-the-sky musical aspiration of her boyfriend, Dean.

Jocelyn’s parents thought her sister had possibly followed Dean to his hometown of Enclave. They insisted Jocelyn drop everything to chase Jenna down, rip her away from her shiftless boyfriend with his supposedly bad influence, and bring her back home pronto. Her parents—well her father anyway—was convinced that Dean would eventually end up here to try and get money from his “people” since the financial boon Jenna begged for had been refused.

Since Jocelyn worked for herself as a computer security specialist and didn’t have a real job or a husband, according to her parents, they expected her to drop everything without notice at their behest on a regular basis. Usually, the request had something to do with what they considered her sister’s inappropriate behavior. In other words, not doing exactly what their parents wanted. But Jocelyn didn’t know Dean very well, certainly not enough to trust him to care long-term for her sister. Jenna hadn’t been in contact for the entire time she’d been gone. Which was unusual. So Jocelyn dropped everything once again to search for Jenna.

The hunt for her sister, and/or Dean, had so far been a frustrating, stressful journey. She’d offered to pay for a private detective, but her parents went totally ballistic over that suggestion. It was her duty, her responsibility. She searched their hometown locally, and used her skills with her computer as well with no discernible results before grudgingly agreeing to a road trip.

After arriving yesterday in Enclave, she’d searched at a couple of seemingly busy places, asking for her sister and showing her picture. Nothing. Also, no one in the small contemporary town knew anything about Dean or his family. At least not the few places she’d looked. And to be fair, she obviously didn’t possess the skills a private detective had. Her authority in this matter was extremely limited anyway. No one was obligated to talk to or give information to the frustrated sister of a wayward of-age woman.

Still, she checked into the local motel for a few nights to do some further checking around the town. She’d have to report back to her parents with the minute details of everything she’d tried to find Jenna. Jocelyn would tell them everything with the exception of one thing. Her additional covert reason for coming here.

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